Oh what a wonderful day,

If you are reading this message, it is probably because you've decided to visit the Pennington County Historical Society’s website. I'm sorry that the site is in total chaos right now. Just kidding, not really TOTAL chaos. It is, however, undergoing a facelift. The old site had a lot of good features, but it needed to be brought into the world of today.

I know. Isn't this just a pain in the you-know-what? Just as you think you're going to see something new and exciting you have to stop and look at what some web designer has to say? Well, what can I say? I've had my work cut out for me in taking this project on..

What started out as just an update to an older site turned into a complete rebuild. There are close to 500,000 data records that needed to be standardized, and over 100,000 images that needed to be linked. The design and copy (the words you read) needed to be written..

After several months of pondering, researching and creating a standardization of the data, I'm finally at a stage where I can start bringing the new site live. At first you will see the basics: the home page, the contacts, donations page, membership page and calendar. I know that that just doesn't add up to all the indexes available on the old site. . . yet..

I'm working on them. Each page has its own characteristics that need special attention. As I finish organizing the data and images, standardizing the formats and putting it all together into something that is exciting and worthy of your attention, I will update the pages. I would love to say that, of the 22 pages listed in the menu system, I will get a new page up and functional each day, but that isn't going to happen. Some pages will take less time and some will take a few days to finish the structure and design I am trying to create. But each day I hope to add at least a bit more to the site and hope you find it exciting to watch the growth..

In fact, I would like to extend my own invitation to YOU, to come back each day and see how it’s growing! .

Now for the bad news. In the past, the entire site has been public, and there has been so much to share! The plan for the future is that the basics will remain available to the public as they have always been. These “basics” are pages like the Obituaries and Cemeteries, the calendar, and other information about the Historical Society as a whole. However other areas such as the yearbooks, images, maps, and scanned pages from historical books will now be available exclusively to those that support the Society, this noble and wonderful cause. This decision by our Board of Directors has been made in response to individuals who feel that, because we are a non-profit and post these images and such, they have the right to take them and use them for their own profit..

Though there are a good many images we post that are provided by people of the community, or photographs that we cannot personally copyright, there are thousands more images that are unique, made by our staff, are here for the exclusive use of the Society and its members. Therefore, many of the images on the site will also now contain a security feature as they really are the property of the Historical Society, which has received permission to share them for display purposes or created them ourselves, and any other use requires the explicit permission of the Historical Society.