What are some good questions to ask about God?

What are some good questions to ask about God?

Here are 50 questions that a nonbeliever may ask a believer to try and understand religion a bit more.

  • What religion do you believe in?
  • Do you believe in God or another deity?
  • When did you choose your faith?
  • What is your idea of what God looks like?
  • Is there a heaven?
  • Is there a hell?
  • What does heaven look like?

What are some fun facts about God?

Theists believe that God created everything that exists and has ever existed. In most religions, God is believed to be immortal (cannot die), and to have unlimited power. The belief that God or gods exist is usually called theism. People who reject belief that God or any deities exist are called atheists.

How can I be more creative with God?

Here is my list of 10 Ways to Spend Time With God, but I’ll go into more detail below!

  1. Make a Date.
  2. Start a Gratitude Journal.
  3. Closet Retreat.
  4. Use Driving Time Wisely.
  5. Write Out Scripture.
  6. Color A Bible Verse.
  7. Pray A Psalm.
  8. Listen To Worship Music.

How can I connect with God everyday?

9 Beautiful Ways To Connect With God Without Going To Church

  1. Slow down.
  2. Meditate or pray.
  3. Enjoy the outdoors.
  4. Stay open to finding God within yourself.
  5. Look for God in each person you meet.
  6. Stay open to experiencing the Spirit in unexpected places.
  7. Find music that touches your soul.
  8. Honor your body as a sacred place.

What are some good topics to study in the Bible?

To learn what the Bible has to say on a variety of issues affecting our everyday lives, choose from the complete list of topics below. If you are looking for Bible study topics follow the link to our Bible study page. Faith: What is it?

What’s the point of doing a Bible study?

A Bible study is about something. A Bible study informs people. Studying the Bible and preparing a Bible study is like learning how to exercise from a personal trainer. A small group is like going to the gym and applying that knowledge to your routine.

What are the basic topics of Bible doctrines?

Here are some of the basic topics of Bible doctrines to get you started: Who God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are. What the Bible is and why God wrote it for us.

What’s the best way to teach your children about God?

If you want to teach your children about God, being a “contagious Christian” is the most important way to do that. Be willing to be vulnerable. Often, we shield our children from our struggles. We don’t want them to worry or be exposed to “adult issues”.

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