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What was Alex Trebek symptoms for pancreatic cancer?

What was Alex Trebek symptoms for pancreatic cancer?

What are the symptoms of pancreatic cancer?

  • Jaundice, or yellowing of the skin and whites of the eyes.
  • Light-colored stools.
  • Dark urine.
  • Itchy skin.
  • Pain in the upper or middle abdomen and back.
  • Unexplained weight loss.
  • Loss of appetite.
  • Feeling very tired.

Is diarrhea a symptom of pancreatic cancer?

In Pancreatic Cancer: Digestive difficulties including indigestion, nausea, weight loss, a poor appetite, and diarrhea, can arise as a result of pressure from a pancreatic cyst or tumor on the stomach or the small intestine that causes a block in the digestive tract.

Where does itching occur with pancreatic cancer?

Itching (with Jaundice) as a Symptom Bile is made in the liver and released into the small intestine through a bile duct. Bilirubin builds up when there’s something, like a pancreatic tumor, blocking the liver from releasing the bile.

Where did Alex Trebek live?

Alex Trebek/Places lived

What are the initial telltale symptoms of pancreatic cancer?

Belly or back pain. Pain in the abdomen (belly) or back is common in pancreatic cancer. Cancers that start in the body or tail of the pancreas can grow fairly large and start to press on other nearby organs, causing pain.

What causes nausea and vomiting in pancreatic cancer patients?

Nausea and vomiting may be a problem in up to 40% of pancreatic cancer patients. The cause of these symptoms are varied-and can range from, for example, a reaction to chemotherapy or radiotherapy – to being a sign of mechanical obstruction of the small bowel.

Can a person with pancreatic cancer have back pain?

The cancer may also spread to the nerves surrounding the pancreas, which often causes back pain. Pain in the abdomen or back is fairly common and is most often caused by something other than pancreatic cancer. Unintended weight loss is very common in people with pancreatic cancer. These people often have little or no appetite.

What happens to your body when you have pancreatic cancer?

When pancreatic NETs spread, most often they go to the liver. This can enlarge the liver, which can cause pain and loss of appetite. It can also affect liver function, sometimes leading to jaundice (yellowing of the skin and eyes) and abnormal blood tests.

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