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Who are the current presenters of the CBeebies show?

Who are the current presenters of the CBeebies show?

Current 1 Andy Day (2007–present) 2 Katy Ashworth (2011–present) 3 Cat Sandion (2013-present) 4 Rebecca Keatley (2014–present) 5 Ben Cajee (2015–present) 6 Dodge T. Dog (2015–present) 7 Evie Pickerill Kingswinford (2018–present) 8 Joanna Adeyinka-Burford (2019-present) 9 Nigel Clarke (2020–present)

Who are the voices of the CBeebies Grown Ups?

Leslie, CBeebies Grown-ups. Author, actor and presenter David Walliams and singer/ TV presenter Rochelle Humes are the latest British stars to join the voice cast of the hit CBeebies series Teletubbies.

Is the CBBC presenter Katy Ashworth pregnant again?

CBBC’s Katy Ashworth announces she’s pregnant with second child after bitter court battle with ex husband over first son. CBEEBIES presenter Katy Ashworth is pregnant with her second child, two years after a bitter court battle with her ex over her first son.

When did Katy Ashworth start presenting on CBeebies?

Ashworth began her television career presenting I Can Cook, a cookery programme on CBeebies. She appeared in five Cbeebies Christmas pantomimes and at the inaugural Cbeebies Prom in the Royal Albert Hall. She resigned from her presentation role at Cbeebies in early 2016.

Who is the actress in the CBeebies Christmas show?

Aimee Campbell is an actress, known for The CBeebies Christmas Show: Thumbelina (2018) and The CBeebies House Show (2016).

How old is Rebecca Keatley from CBeebies?

About Rebecca Keatley. Age: 29. Birthday: June 12th, 1985. Gender: Female. Family: Is the Wife of Sidney Sloane as of Apr. 2019. Hobbies: Dancing and Playing Pretend. Favorite Color: Red. Phrase: You never know what will happen next in life!

How old is Evie Pickerill from CBeebies?

Name Evie Pickerill Birthday / Age / Date of Birth / How old / DOB 25th September 1991. As of 2021, she is around 30 years old. Evie Pickerill is a presenter and host for CBeebies, a free to air channel which is owned and operated by the British Broadcasting Company (BBC).

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