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What episode of Victorious does Tori kiss?

What episode of Victorious does Tori kiss?

“Victorious” Opposite Date (TV Episode 2012) – IMDb.

Who is Cat Valentine boyfriend?

Daniel, also called “Danny”, is an ex-boyfriend of Cat Valentine who made his only appearance in Cat’s New Boyfriend, though he was first alluded to on TheSlap. He is also Tori Vega’s ex-boyfriend….Wiki Targeted (Entertainment)

Series Information
First appearance: Cat’s New Boyfriend

Who is Cat dating in victorious?

Cat is also the nicest girl to Robbie and shows him respect, unlike Jade, Trina, and sometimes Tori….Wiki Targeted (Entertainment)

Shipped Characters Cat Valentine and Robbie Shapiro
Length of Relationship 2008-present (Friendship)
Status Very Close Friends

Does Tori from victorious ever get a boyfriend?

Victoria “Tori” Vega is the main protagonist of the hit Nickelodeon show, Victorious….Wiki Targeted (Entertainment)

Tori Vega
Relationships: Daniel (ex-boyfriend) Ryder Daniels (ex-boyfriend) Steven Carson (ex-boyfriend)
Pet(s): None

Are Sam and cat in a relationship?

In an interview with the Huffington Post, Jennette McCurdy says “The relationship between Sam and Cat is very ‘odd couple’, and it proves that opposites attract. Cat’s infectious behavior rubs off onto Sam, and they both end up getting along better than you think.” Sam and Cat live together in Nona’s/their apartment.

What episode does Beck like Tori?

Beck Falls for Tori is the 2nd episode of Season 2 of Victorious and the 22nd episode overall.

Who is victorious boyfriend?

Beck Oliver (portrayed by Avan Jogia) is Jade’s boyfriend.

What happens in the cabbie episode of victorious?

This episode takes place right after Stage Fighting, the episode in which Cat kisses Robbie. Notably, after the kiss, Robbie states that he wants Cat to meet his parents. This trip to his grandmother’s house could be a venture for his family’s approval of Cat, after developing feelings for her. After Cat says to Tori, “What are you doing?”

Why does Rex never hit on Cat in victorious?

Cat says that it’s gross that Rex, possibly Robbie, hits on every girl in school. Rex states that he never hits on Cat. This could mean 3 things: 1) It’s known that Robbie thinks of Rex, his puppet, as a separate person, so a possible reason why Rex never hits on Cat is because Robbie doesn’t like it when other guys hit on Cat.

Why did cat interrupt Robbie’s kiss with Trina?

After Robbie stalks Trina for a while because he believes their stage kiss was real, Cat tries to make him understand that his kiss with Trina was just a stage kiss and meant nothing more. When Robbie says that girls can’t fake that kind of passion, Cat interrupts him by kissing him.

Who is the nicest girl in cabbie victorious?

Cat is also the nicest girl to Robbie and shows him respect, unlike Jade, Trina, and sometimes Tori. It has also been noticed that Robbie mostly wears solid blue shirts, whilst Cat almost always wears solid pink outfits. Also, all of Robbie’s PearProducts are blue, while all of Cat’s are pink.

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