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How many points did Dominique Wilkins have in his career?

How many points did Dominique Wilkins have in his career?

A nine-time NBA All-Star and the winner of two NBA slam dunk contests, Wilkins registered 26,668 points and 7,169 rebounds in his NBA career. As of 2019, he ranks 13th on the NBA scoring list.

How did Dominique Wilkins get his nickname Human Highlight Film?

As of 2021, he ranks 14th on the NBA scoring list. Wilkins’ nickname was “The Human Highlight Film” for his athletic ability and highlight reel dunks. His trademark dunk was a powerful one- or two-handed windmill dunks he used to capture the slam dunk contest titles in 1985 and 1990.

When was Dominique Wilkins number 21 jersey retired?

As a basketball player, he was known as an acrobatic scorer, somewhat of a gunner, though an outstanding finisher and one of the greatest dunkers in NBA history. His #21 jersey was retired by the Hawks on January 13, 2001. He is one of five players whose jerseys have been retired by the Hawks.

When did Dominique Wilkins play at the University of Georgia?

He entered the University of Georgia in 1979 with an established reputation as an exciting player, and played for the Bulldogs. In 1979-80 he played alongside LaVon Mercer and Terry Fair. Wilkins averaged 21.6 points a game over his career and was named SEC Men’s Basketball Player of the Year in 1981.

When did Dominique Wilkins get his second slam dunk?

Wilkins returned to dunking prominence in 1989–90 by edging out the Sacramento Kings ‘ Kenny Smith for his second NBA Slam-Dunk championship. He averaged 26.7 points to finish fifth in the NBA scoring race. He led the Hawks in steals for the first time since 1985–86, finishing with 126.

When was Dominique Wilkins drafted to the Utah Jazz?

Shot location data available for the 1996-97 through 2020-21 seasons. June 29, 1982: Drafted by the Utah Jazz in the 1st round (3rd pick) of the 1982 NBA Draft. September 2, 1982: Traded by the Utah Jazz to the Atlanta Hawks for John Drew and Freeman Williams.

What did Dominique Wilkins do in the Kentucky Derby?

Wilkins then starred in the McDonald’s All-American Game, The Capital Classic, The Kentucky Derby Festival Classic, and The Dapper Dan Classic All-Star Games. He had 16 points and 12 rebounds in the McDonald’s, 26 points in the Capital, and 22 points in the Derby Classic.

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