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Do all Burger Kings have WiFi?

Do all Burger Kings have WiFi?

MIAMI, April 16, 2014 – Burger King Corp. (BKC) has expanded its long-standing relationship with AT* by launching AT Wi-Fi services for all of its U.S. restaurants. Consistent Wi-Fi Service for BURGER KING® restaurants — WHOPPER® Wi-Fi allows guests access to quality connectivity at all U.S. restaurants.

Does Burger King have good WiFi?

Burger King: 3.58Mbps.

Who has the fastest public WiFi?

Lithuania tops the list of counties with the fastest WiFi speeds. It offers the fastest public WiFi services and has spread the reach of WiFi to its remotest areas as well. In Lithuania, you can get more than 15 Mbps to download speeds and almost 14 Mbps upload speed!

Does Starbucks have good WiFi?

Last year, Dunkin’ just barely topped Starbucks to claim the title of fastest Wi-Fi — and both chains did well again this year, finishing second and third respectively with average speeds of 40.4 Mbps and 26.1 Mbps. Comparatively, Starbucks only improved about 3 Mbps from last year when its average speed was 23.3 Mbps.

In which country WiFi is free?

This new free wireless service which can be accessed by all Niue residents, tourists, government offices and business travelers, is being provided at no cost to the public or local government.

Is Starbucks WiFi slow?

I run a quick test on Ookla’s internet speed tester (, and at almost every Starbucks or independent coffee shop, I find the speed clock in at a measly 1 megabit per second. WiFi at this coffee shop’s hotspot delivers a paltry 1 mbps.

Where can I get free WiFi at Burger King?

The new Wi-Fi technology in Burger King restaurant chain is provided all over the U.S., in all the cities where the chain operates. Settled in 97 countries, serving 11 million people daily, free wi-fi in Burger King is present in all of its locations: you can fing Burger King wifi in Uk, detect Burger King wi-fi in Canada etc.

How can I find a Burger King near me?

Use our Burger King restaurant locator list to find the location near you, plus discover which locations get the best reviews. Start by simply choosing a state below to find your favorite Burger King restaurant location. Choose your state to find the nearest one or view the BurgerFi menu .

What are the benefits of Whopper WiFi at Burger King?

The benefits of WHOPPER® Wi-Fi include: Fast and Easy Set-Up — WHOPPER® Wi-Fi, powered by AT Ready Zone, has an easy, customizable set-up with full support of AT’s Wi-Fi network operations. Consistent Wi-Fi Service for BURGER KING® restaurants — WHOPPER® Wi-Fi allows guests access to quality connectivity at all U.S. restaurants.

How many Burger King’s are there in the world?

Burger King fast food restaurant chain was founded in 1954, and now is the world’s second largest hamburger chain. The chain operates in 13,000 locations worldwide, and has settled in already 97 countries. 11 million visitors are served daily in the Burger King chain of restaurants.

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