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How do I contact intoxalock?

How do I contact intoxalock?

To speak to a representative, call (844) 535-0260.

Can you call intoxalock?

1 (844) 535-0260
Intoxalock/Customer service

Is intoxalock a ripoff?

Intoxalock is by far the worst company. Do not do buisness with them, they refuse to work with you and destroy your vehicle with their equipment. By far the worst company I have ever dealt with. Would never recommend.

What happens if you don’t calibrate intoxalock?

Missed calibration The calibration takes only a few minutes. If you don’t get your device calibrated, you risk a service lockout, where you may need to tow your vehicle to a service center to get it running again. Learn more about how to calibrate your device.

Can you unplug intoxalock?

Do not disconnect the device and bring it inside (unless you live in Minnesota and are approved to do so by your monitoring authority). A disconnection will register a power interruption and may be reported as a tampering violation.

How do I get out of Intoxalock?

Any Intoxalock certified service center (over 2,600 locations nationwide) can remove your ignition interlock. You can schedule your removal appointment by calling Intoxalock’s Customer Support department.

Which interlock device is the best?

LifeSafer Ignition Interlock
While there are plenty of ignition interlock devices available across the United States, we have determined that the best ignition interlock is LifeSafer Ignition Interlock.

How do I get out of intoxalock?

Will intoxalock drain your battery?

Ignition Interlocks Work With, Not Against, Your Car’s Battery. When you have an Ignition Interlock installed into your electrical system, the device will draw a tiny amount of power from your car’s battery as well, but it is never in such an amount that would drain your car battery totally.

What happens if someone else blows in interlock?

Blowing into someone else’s IID is immoral and could be considered tampering with the device having adverse consequences for the DUI offender. So, even if you do get a sober friend to blow into your IID against your Court ordered requirements, if you have been drinking, you will fail the retest.

How to get in touch with Intoxalock customer service?

Manage your Intoxalock account, chat with a representative and access helpful ignition interlock device resources. Fill out the form below and a customer service representative will be in touch with you within 24 hours. interlock?

How many Intoxalock locations are there in the world?

We have more than 4,000 Intoxalock locations for your convenience, including installation, calibrations and other services. Find a location. To better protect our customers and visitors to our blog and website, we follow in-depth privacy, data, and terms of use policies.

How does the Intoxalock ignition interlock device work?

The device has a mouthpiece in it that you will blow into before starting your car. With a clean breath sample, you’ll immediately be able to start your car. Intoxalock offers simple-to-use, one-button interlock devices and one of the easiest blow patterns for testing on the market.

What do I need to know about Intoxalock IID?

If you have questions and are more likely to text, the chat option is a convenient feature that allows you to message back and forth with a customer service representative with any questions you have. MyAccount is a resource for those using an Intoxalock IID.

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