How can I become a subway driver?

How can I become a subway driver?

To become a subway operator, you need a high school diploma. Most operators are hired from within their company and employees are trained on-the-job to gain experience.

Can you work at 14 at subway?

Does Subway Hire at 14? – No. Minors under 15 are unable to obtain jobs at Subway.

What jobs can you get at 13?

List of 13 great jobs for 13-year-olds

  • Babysitter. Babysitting is a fantastic job for 13-year-olds.
  • Lawn mower or gardener. If your 13-year-old loves spending time outside, working as a lawn mower or gardener is a fantastic option.
  • Dog walker.
  • House or pet sitter.
  • Tutor.
  • Car washer.
  • Junior camp counselor.
  • Newspaper deliverer.

Do you get paid for training at subway?

Yes you get paid while being trained at Subway. Yes subway does pay staff when training them, is basically consider as you have the job. Training is a part of your orientation. You get paid for any training or work you will do, just like any other job.

How much do NYC subway train operators make?

The average Mta Train Conductor in Los Angeles, CA makes $76,869, 3% above the national average Mta Train Conductor salary of $74,661. This pay is 21% lower than the combined average salaries of other metros San Francisco, CA, Chicago, IL and Denver, CO.

Do you get free food if you work at Subway?

Each store is independently owned but most likely you will get a free 6 inch for working and free fountain drinks. You get to have free drinks, and a 6inch sub with chips for your meal on your shift. You get to eat free meal while working.

What does it mean to be a subway operator?

What Is a Subway Operator? Subway operators help move passengers from one location to another by piloting trains that travel underground and above the ground. In addition to controlling the speed of the train and adhering to traffic signals, the subway operator will help ensure that passengers move to and from the train safely.

Who is the owner of my subway career?

By clicking on the link below, you will leave the Subway® website ( and enter the “My Subway® Career” website, which is owned, operated and maintained by European Independent Purchasing Company Ltd, a Subway® Franchisee owned organization (“EIPC”). Subway® stores are franchisee owned and operated.

What’s the best way to start a career with subway?

Subway® Pathway represents the journey many have taken to build their careers with Subway®. Countless owners started as a Sandwich Artist™, and now own and operate multiple Subway® restaurants. We’re making this pathway clearer and more accessible than ever by providing development opportunities for all.

Do you need a high school diploma to be a subway operator?

BLS records indicate that most subway operator positions only require a high school diploma. Nevertheless, the majority of operators gain initial transit experience by first driving a bus for the public transit system.

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