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What is a Chacra in Uruguay?

What is a Chacra in Uruguay?

A chacra(CHA kra), which is a small farm or ranch, can vary in size from one acre to hundreds of acres, and is measured in hectares (one hectare equals 2.47 acres). Uruguayans will sometimes use the chacra for agriculture, but it’s more often enjoyed as a country vacation property…

Can foreigners buy agricultural land in Uruguay?

To buy Real Estate in Uruguay, a foreigner must only present their passport or identification document. They do not have to be a resident in Uruguay. They can buy on beaches or lakes, and also rural fields or farms, lots, land or subdivisions.

Can you own land in Uruguay?

In Uruguay, you, as a foreign individual, can buy and hold real estate in your own name. You don’t even need to become a legal resident or get a Uruguayan tax identification number. And you can own any type of real estate, the same as a Uruguayan citizen. That includes property near a coast and agricultural land.

Where can I find real estate listings in Uruguay? is the first worldwide real estate search engine where you can look up listings of homes for sale in Uruguay. Uruguay is a country of South America famous for its green surroundings and its coastline full of beaches. The capital, Montevideo, develops around Plaza Independencia.

What are the real estate taxes in Uruguay?

Net rental income from leasing Uruguay real estate is taxed at 12%. Capital gains are also taxed at 12%. There are no inheritance or gift taxes in Uruguay.

Why is Uruguay a good country to invest in real estate?

Ranked first in the Latin American region for democracy, peace and quality of living, Uruguay is also a high-income, transparent country with broad real estate appeal for investors seeking stable returns for modest outlay. This makes Uruguay real estate a popular investment for locals and foreigners.

Where are the best places to live in Uruguay?

From the square you reach the Ciudad Vieja (the old city), with the Art Deco buildings, the colonial residences and the Mercado del Puerto, an ancient market near the port. La Rambla, on the other hand, is a walk along the promenade that runs along fish markets, piers and parks.

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