What RPM should a 12-inch record be?

What RPM should a 12-inch record be?

33 1/3 RPM
Chances are, the records you’d like to listen to are full-size 12-inch records, spinning at 33 1/3 RPM, or 7-inch singles, spinning at 45 RPM. Often, EPs and maxi-singles are produced on 12-inch disks that also rotate at 45 RPM.

How long is a 12-inch 45 RPM record?

If you exceed the maximum time suggested for a record side, it can affect the quality of the audio.

12″ 45 rpm 12 minutes
12″ 33 rpm 17 minutes
10″ 45 rpm 7 minutes
10″ 33 rpm 11 minutes

How much music can a 12-inch record hold?

LP record

A 12-inch LP vinyl record
Media type Audio playback
Encoding Analog groove modulation
Capacity Originally 23 minutes per side, later increased by several minutes, much longer possible with very low signal level
Read mechanism Microgroove stylus (maximum tip radius 0.001 in or 25 μm)

What is the biggest selling 12 inch single of all time?

Blue Monday
But Blue Monday, which opened with a now-famous programmed kick drum salvo (shamelessly borrowed from Donna Summer’s 1979 song Our Love), became the biggest-selling 12” single of all time.

How long is a 45 RPM record?

7 inch records (also called “45s”) are referred to by their playback speed of 45 rpm and their standard diameter of 7 inches. At 45 rpm they hold around 4-6 minutes per side. 45 rpm is the most common speed for 7 inch records.

Are 45 records any good?

More bumps and grooves created in pressing a 45 means better audio quality. As a hypothetical example, suppose you were able to uncoil the grooves in your record. Let’s say one minute of audio takes up one foot at 33-1/3 RPM’s. Now, at 45 RPM’s the same audio will take up a foot and a half since its traveling faster.

When did the 45 rpm vinyl record come out?

Digital computers arrived on the scene in their best role: Out of the audio chain, but doing machine-control to adjust the groove spacing on the record for maximum playing time and recorded volume. 180 gram virgin vinyl pressings were the next development, and last but not least, around the late 70s, 45 rpm 12” LPs started to appear.

When did they start making 12 inch singles?

Many record companies in the 1970s began producing 12-inch (30 cm) singles at 33 1 ⁄ 3 rpm, although 45 rpm gives better treble response and was used on many twelve-inch singles, especially in the UK.

Why do 45 rpm records sound so much better?

It’s also a great explanation as to why 45 singles almost always sound better than the same cut as part of an album! The faster playback speed makes it easier for the mastering engineer to “rev up” (literally!)the playback levels and dynamics, so there’s “more there there”! John Bliss likes this. Very good spoken!

Why did RCA Records create the 45 rpm record?

RCA Records first introduced the 45 RPM record. The creation of the album was a result of the competition between companies to create new formats. This disc was smaller in size, and the release of this format was eventually a competitor to the 33 RPM disc from Columbia Record.


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