Is Kai in love with saya?

Is Kai in love with saya?

After the death of Diva and her Chevaliers, Kai adopts her children (as they are his brother”s children as well). As he promised Saya, Kai loved and raised them as his own daughters.

Is Saya a vampire blood C?

Saya Kisaragi (更衣 小夜 Kisaragi Saya) is the main protagonist of the series Blood-C and it’s sequel Blood-C: The Last Dark….

Saya Kisaragi
Eye Color Gray Red (When Hostile)
Occupation Student
Personal Status
Status Alive

How old is Saya in Blood+?


Saya Otonashi
Age 173+
Gender Female
Race Chiropteran (Queen)
Status Hibernating after every 2 to 3 years for 30 years

Does Solomon like Saya?

Solomon admits his feelings for Saya to Diva. Amshel tells Solomon that his love for Saya is just part of his instinct as a chevalier and if he really wants to make Saya his, then he should be the one to kill her.

Are Diva and Saya twins?

Diva (ディーヴァ, Dīva) is the main antagonist of Blood+. She is the younger twin sister of Saya and the greatest sworn enemy of the Red Shield. Like Saya, Diva is a pure blooded Chiropteran queen born from the Chiropteran Mummy.

Is Saya Kisaragi a vampire?

Trivia. Saya Kisaragi shares striking similarities to her original counterpart of Saya from Blood the Last Vampire. However, the Saya from Blood+ comes from a chiropteran mummy while Saya Kisaragi herself is a hybrid Elder Bairn. Although they both share some similarities, they are both entirely different beings.

How did diva get pregnant Blood+?

When heard live, Diva’s voice greatly increases the effectiveness of the agent. As a result of her attack on Riku, Diva becomes pregnant. She does not give birth for over a year, when Amshel cuts the cocoons out of her body. Diva seems to treasure her babies and caring for the cocoons.

Who is the biological father of divas daughters?


Diva’s Children
Family Diva (mother) Riku (biological father) Kai (adoptive father) Saya (aunt) Chiropteran Mummy (grandmother)
Appearance Blood+ Anime Blood+ Light Novel BLOOD# Novel

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