Is the PPK a good gun?

Is the PPK a good gun?

The PPK/S features the short slide of the Walther PPK and full-length grip of the PP. The PPK/S is not a bad gun at all. The PPK is a fine gun. However, if you have fired the full-size, original PP pistol, you will realize that the PPK is a great shooter, easy to manage and accurate.

Is the Walther PPK reliable?

The PPK series are generally reliable so long as they are properly maintained. The biggest problem I saw was when folks carried these handguns in ankle holsters and didn’t clean them regularly (even if never fired).

What is special about a Walther PPK?

PPK. The most common variant is the Walther PPK, a smaller version of the PP with a shorter grip, barrel and frame, and reduced magazine capacity. A new, two-piece wrap-around grip panel construction was used to conceal the exposed back strap.

Is the Walther PPK still relevant?

The Walther PPK (even the PPK/S version currently in production) is certainly traditional. Like the 1911, it is one of a very rare group of pistols that has managed to stand the test of time and remain relevant.

Can you conceal carry a Walther PPK?

The PPK that I tested included a magazine with a slight grip extender and one without. The grip extender did provide a nice length to the grip, but I still prefer pistols with longer grips – and potentially more capacity. This is a pistol that could easily be concealed and carried comfortably by almost anyone.

How far can a Walther PPK shoot?

The PP is a semi-automatic pistol and fires the 7.65x17mm round from a 8 round magazine or the . 380 ACP from a 7 round magazine. The PPK holds one round less in each caliber. The effective range is a few dozen meters.

Which is better Walther PPK or PPK S?

The PPK is shorter than the PP by 0.6″ and has no metal backstrap, so the grips wrap around the rear. The PPK also has a shorter grip, and the magazines hold one less round. The PPK/S is a combination of the two. It has the shorter barrel and slide of the PPK, but the longer grip of the PP.

Does the Walther PPK have stopping power?

The limited stopping power of the . 32 ACP round and parsimonious firepower of a single-stack magazine that holds only seven rounds certainly gives pause; however, Bond is a spy, not a soldier. While his stint in the SAS made him a crack shot, his principal methods are stealth and subterfuge.

Does bond carry a PPK or PPKS?

The Walther PPK is a German pistol issued to James Bond in the Ian Fleming novel, Dr. No. With the transition to the big screen, the PPK became Bond’s primary weapon and was featured from 1962 (Dr. No) to 1997 (Tomorrow Never Dies).

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