How many branches are on a menorah?

How many branches are on a menorah?

nine branches
A relief (left) from the Arch of Titus in Rome shows a seven-branched menorah; modern Hanukkah menorahs have nine branches. The menorah—“lamp stand” in Hebrew—has been the pre-eminent symbol of Jews and Judaism for millennia.

Is there an 8 branch menorah?

A Hanukkah menorah therefore has eight main branches, plus the raised ninth lamp set apart as the shamash (servant) light which is used to kindle the other lights.

What does the menorah stand for?

What is the origin of the menorah? In Hebrew, the word menorah means “lamp.” The ancient menorah had seven branches—one for each day of Creation—and it burned in the Temple in what was then Judea, a small area caught in the middle of conflict between the Egyptian empire and the Greek-Assyrian empire.

Is there another name for a menorah?

Name. English speakers most commonly call the lamp a “menorah” or “Hanukkah menorah” (the Hebrew word menorah simply meaning “lamp”).

Which candle do you light first on the menorah?

Step 3: Light the Shamash The candle that is raised or in the center of the menorah is the shamash (helper candle). It’s the one you use to light the other candles. Light it first.

Is menorah in the Bible?

The menorah is first mentioned in the biblical book of Exodus (25:31–40), according to which the design of the lamp was revealed to Moses by God on Mount Sinai.

Why are there 7 branches on a menorah?

The original menorah was the one Moses made for the Tabernacle in the desert. That one, and the ones in the Holy Temples, had 7 branches (6 + the center), as directed in Exodus 25:31-32. The Chanukah menorah commemorates the 8-day miracle of Chanukah, which we celebrate Chanukah for 8 days.

What kind of plant is the Menorah Tree?

Most students agree that the menorah is a kind of overgrown plant, complete with branches, bulbs and flowers. Beyond that there is little consensus, prompting great discussions.

What was the fate of the menorah in the Bible?

There is no biblical mention of the fate of the menorah. Herod the Great had the Second Temple remodeled while not disrupting the temple service. The menorah from the Second Temple was carried to Rome after the Roman conquest of Jerusalem in 70 AD during the First Jewish–Roman War.

What is the name of the lamp in front of the Menorah?

Synagogues have a continually lit lamp or light in front of the Ark, where the Torah scroll is kept, called the ner tamid (eternal light). This lamp represents the continually lit ner Elohim of the menorah used in Temple times.

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