Who was in the Broadway version of Camelot?

Who was in the Broadway version of Camelot?

It played for 518 performances. The film version, directed by Joshua Logan, was released in 1967, starring Richard Harris as Arthur, Vanessa Redgrave as Guenevere, Franco Nero as Lancelot and David Hemmings as Mordred.

Who wrote music to Camelot?

Alan Jay Lerner

Who owns the rights to Camelot?

Richard Harris
In later years, Richard Harris bought the rights to the stage version of “Camelot” for $1 million, revamped the musical, and took it on tour. It made him a very rich man.

What was Camelot in the 1960s?

During the early 1960s, President Kennedy lived a life of glamour and power that was unprecedented in American politics — a brief moment in time now remembered as “Camelot.” President Kennedy was enamored with the ocean and spent as much of his free time on the water as possible.

Who is Merlin in real life?

Colin Morgan

Colin Morgan
Born 1 January 1986 Armagh, Northern Ireland
Education Integrated College Dungannon, Belfast Institute for Further and Higher Education
Alma mater Royal Conservatoire of Scotland
Occupation Actor

Who was the original cast of Camelot on Broadway?

Camelot (Original 1960 Broadway Cast Recording) Lerner & Loewe , Alan Jay Lerner , Frederick Loewe , Richard Burton , Julie Andrews , Robert Goulet , Original Broadway Cast of “Camelot”

What are the songs in the musical Camelot?

– Mordred & Knights (This song was cut shortly into the Broadway run, still on cast album, but not part of the standard licensed version of the production.)

When does the moonlight appear in Camelot musical?

Those are the legal laws. The snow may never slush upon the hillside. By nine p.m. the moonlight must appear. In Camelot. Last Update: December, 02nd 2013

Who is the magician in the musical Camelot?

Merlin the Magician, his wise tutor, calls Arthur down to warn the young king that he must learn to think for himself. Merlin, who lives backward in time and remembers the future as well as the past, knows he will soon be separated from Arthur.

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