Can retiring room booked online?

Can retiring room booked online?

Retiring rooms can only be booked at the source and destination stations by both online and offline mode.

How do I book a lounge at a train station?

How to Book IRCTC Executive Lounge at Railway Station

  1. Step 1: Open IRCTC Tourism Website and Login.
  2. Step 2: Navigate to IRCTC Tourism Lounge Booking First Page and fill details.
  3. Step 3: IRCTC Lounge Booking Passenger Details.
  4. Step 4: IRCTC Lounge Booking Summary Details / Verification Page.

What is the meaning of retiring room?

a room in a bus station or railway station where a passenger can pay to stay for a few days.

How can I check my retiring room booking status?

After login scroll down the page and select “Booked Ticket” option. Page Option Look like below Picture. Then select “Retiring Room Booked Ticket Option”. Select your ticket which is to be Print and click on the cancel ticket option Page Option Look like below Picture.

Who can use AC waiting room in railway?

Travellers with a valid AC journey ticket can occupy the waiting room for up to two hours before getting on or alighting from the train.

How do you get access to railway lounge?

Eligible cardholders must present their valid, unexpired eligible cards and Valid train travel ticket at the entrance to the participating lounges to avail the benefit. Rs 2/- will be charged from the customer’s account to validate the card for complimentary lounge access.

Can I book retiring room in advance?

However, passengers need to book their retiring room in advance either offline or online at different prices for different category of rooms such as Single and Dormitory (AC or non-AC). It should be noted that one passenger can book Railway retiring room for a minimum period of 3 hours and maximum up to 48 hours.

Are there retiring rooms in railway stations in India?

What is Retiring Room? Retiring Rooms are rooms, which are available at Railway Stations across India, They are available in Single, Double, and Dormitory type of occupancy with AC and Non AC combination. What services IRCTC provides in Retiring Rooms? IRCTC only provides online booking facility for Retiring rooms

Are there any retiring rooms in Konkan Railway?

Konkan Railway announced that to facilitate the passengers who desire to avail the retiring room facilities at Madgaon, Thivim and Udupi stations, Konkan Railway is pleased to offer the online booking of retiring rooms/Beds in Dormitory at these stations.

What is the service charge for retiring room in IRCTC?

IRCTC Service Charge of ✅ Rs.20/- upto 24 hrs for a Retiring Room and ✅ Rs.10/- upto 24 hrs for a Dormitory Bed and of ✅ Rs.40/- from 24 hrs to 48 hrs for a Retiring Room and ✅ Rs.20/- from 24 hrs to 48 hrs for a Dormitory Bed. Levying of service tax @14.5% of the tariff of the room/bed.

Can you cancel a room on a railway?

Passenger wise cancellation is not allowed , only Room wise cancellation is allowed. If more than one room/dormitory is booked and cancellation is being done for few room/dormitory then cancellation rule 1, 2 and 3 will be applicable for room/dormitory as per case. How would be the Room Accommodation?

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