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What should I know about panel discussions?

What should I know about panel discussions?

It is a live, in-person or virtual discussion about a specific topic amongst a selected group of experts who share differing perspectives in front of an audience. The main purpose of a panel discussion is for the panelists to share their wisdom and provide insights to create real value and takeaways for the audience.

How do you advertise a panel discussion?

Your blog, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook are all great ways to promote your panel ahead of time and to solicit questions from the audience. Survey. Create a short web-based survey for the attendees to complete prior to attending the event – perhaps even during the registration process.

What is a panel discussion examples?

An example of a panel discussion is a TV focus group where a group of viewers are assembled to give feedback to the producers on the show. An example of a panel discussion is when a group of local politicians hold an open discussion and invite the public to come with questions or concerns.

What is the main purpose of a panel discussion?

The purpose of a panel discussion is to bring together top talent in one area so that a group of experts can share and build upon each other’s experience.

How do you end a panel discussion?

The final part to expertly ending a panel discussion is to acknowledge all members of the discussion. Express gratitude for their participation in the discussion. Be sure to start off your thank-yous with each individual panelist.

How do you start a panel discussion?

How to Start Out Your Panel Discussion

  1. Welcoming Comments. Start with a friendly, warm hello and then lead into the topic with a short, interesting fact, statistic, quotation, anecdote or poll.
  2. Process. Provide a high level review of the process as well as any ground rules.
  3. Your Role.
  4. Panelist Introductions.

How can panel discussion be used in the classroom?

In a Panel Discussion, a selected group of students act as a panel, and the remaining class members act as the audience. The panel informally discusses selected questions. A panel leader is chosen and he/she summarizes the panel discussion and opens discussion to the audience.

How do I write a discussion panel?

How to Organize a Panel Discussion

  1. Choose a moderator who has done this before.
  2. Select your panelists carefully.
  3. Stick to a theme and plan questions in advance.
  4. Allow your panelists to pre-mingle, but don’t overdo it.
  5. Keep introductions short.
  6. Give the audience a chance to participate.
  7. Consider a one-sheeter of key takeaways.

How does a panel discussion work?

The panel discussion format is usually the same: a few subject matter experts gather on stage or in front of the camera to discuss a specific topic and offer differing perspectives. The panellists share facts or personal experiences, express opinions, and answer audience questions.

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Which is an example of a panel discussion?

For example, a colleague moderated a panel discussion that used the movie Forrest Gump to inspire creativity – complete with costumes and peas and carrots!) 11. Pitch Panels. Similar to a Hot Seat Format, but the willing audience member is pitching their idea to the panelists looking for more than just feedback!

When to use an empty chair for a panel discussion?

Empty Chair Format is perfect for when you want to encourage deep dialogue that extends out into the audience. Simply add one extra chair for your panel to allow an audience member to rotate in and out of the panel. When the audience has lots of questions to ask, let the audience drive the conversation!

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