Where is World Soccer Shop based?

Where is World Soccer Shop based?

It started with just a Newcastle United jersey (bit random, that) being sold online out of a basement, and from there we began traveling the globe for the rarest jerseys and apparel to bring back to hungry supporters and soccer fanatics in our home country.

Is world soccer a Canadian shop?

Welcome to SOCCERX | Canada’s Largest Soccer Store.

Are World Soccer Shop and soccer com the same?

Soccer.com and worldsoccer. shop have the exact same price and inventory for each product. For example the puma evopower super 3 goalkeeper gloves that are on sale have the exact same price for both websites. And the out of stock inventory for the sizes is the exact as well.

Is Futbol World store legit?

Is the futbol World Shop legitimate too? The World Soccer Shop definitely costs more, but it’s worth it. They are legitimate, but depending on where you live, you may have to pay high fees.

Does World Soccer Shop have free returns?

WorldSoccerShop Returns. We’ve tackled every WorldSoccerShop Returns question you could possibly have and the referee has waved play on. Clean as you like. Please note we offer FREE returns on footwear.

Does soccer com ship to Canada?

The Free shipping offer only applies in Canada and is automatically added in the shopping cart, if the $100 minimum order criteria is met. Please note, Free Shipping does not apply on heavy or large items….How much are delivery costs?

$100+ Free Shipping in Canada (1) (2) Free (1) (2)

What is a soccer uniform called?

When you take everything that soccer players wear together, it’s called the “kit”. The kit includes the jersey, shorts, socks, cleats and shoes, and shin guards. Goalkeepers often wear gloves as well.

How do I cancel my order on World Soccer Shop?

Email: [email protected] or Phone: 1-800-277-7255.

Are soccer fans legit?

Soccer fan gear is legitimate by way of being either authentic or replicated in nature, with original wear often readily available from numerous retail outlets and online stores across the globe.

How do I cancel my Worldsoccershop order?

You are never charged for a back-ordered item until it is shipped, and you may cancel an item on backorder, unless otherwise indicated, at any time up to the point of shipment by making such request either in writing and sent to the address stated above or by email to [email protected].

Are authentic soccer jerseys worth it?

They have the same logos, same colors and look almost identical (especially when your only seeing them online). You may wonder why there’s such a big price difference since authentic jerseys cost 45% to 70% more than a replica jersey. Does it mean that authentic jerseys are just better? The short answer is no.

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