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What happened in The Diary of Anne Frank Act 1 Scene 2?

What happened in The Diary of Anne Frank Act 1 Scene 2?

Anne tells her father she will think of the Annex as a peculiar summer boarding house. Anne opens a box with pictures of the movie stars she had in her room. Her father also gives her a diary as a present. Frank warns Anne that she must never go beyond the door to the Secret Annex that leads to her father’s office.

What is Act 1 mainly about?

Most of Act 1 is mainly about how Anne Frank’s life was during hiding, and introducing the characters. what are the rules that they have to live by in the Secret Annex. they can’t make any noise while the men are downstairs.

What is the setting of Act 1 Scene 1?

It is the top floor of a warehouse and office building in Amsterdam. There are three rooms on the top floor and a small attic space, accessed by a narrow flight of stairs up the back. The rooms are sparsely furnished, and the windows are blacked out.

How did Anne get her diary?

Anne Frank received her diary as a gift on her thirteenth birthday in 1942. Inside the “secret annex,” as she called it, Anne documented her daily life, writing about herself, her family and the other people in hiding, Hermann and Auguste van Pels, their son Peter, and dentist Fritz Pfeffer.

What is the theme of Diary of Anne Frank play?

In conclusion, the theme of, “The Diary of Anne Frank,” is, “Even though you go through hard times, there is always a way to make it fun.” The families believe that even though there going to be quiet and hope they don’t get caught, they still managed to make it fun for everyone and have a good time.

What happened in The Diary of Anne Frank Act 1 Scene 4?

Anne wakes the house with her screams during a nightmare. Margot comforts her mother telling her it is a phase Anne will outgrow. Anne’s father comforts her. In his arms she confesses she is so afraid the Green Police will come to drag her away like they did her friend Jopie.

Why was Mrs Van Daan upset at the beginning?

why is Mrs Van Daan upset at the beginning of the scene? she thought the franks got caught by the green police, that they should have already been there. describe some ways Miep helps prepare their hiding place.

What happened in the diary of Anne Frank Act 1 Scene 4?

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