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How much is a brand new Peugeot 208?

How much is a brand new Peugeot 208?

The new Peugeot 208 will be available in a variety of trim levels and engine configurations. There are four trims in total: Active, Allure, GT Line and the electric-only GT. Prices for each of these start at £16,250, £18,850, £20,700 and £29,650 respectively.

How much is a Peugeot E-208?

The new Peugeot e-208 is available to order now. The brand’s first electric car will start from £25,050 (after the Government’s £3,500 plug-in car grant), which is around £1,500 less than the Vauxhall Corsa-e but slightly more than the Renault ZOE. First deliveries are expected in early 2020.

Does the Peugeot 208 have a sunroof?

The 208 Style is well-equipped considering its price. The large glass sunroof is a feature usually reserved for larger or more expensive models, and with more than a smattering of chrome trims, handsome alloy wheels and elegant tinted windows, really looks the part.

Is Peugeot 208 full electric?

Access a new level of mobility with the PEUGEOT e-208. The dynamic city car enhances driving pleasure thanks to its full electric motor.

Does Peugeot 208 GT have wireless charging?

Features include full smartphone connectivity, sat nav, heated front seats, a wireless charger, full park assist and a great sound system. The electric 208 is a delight to drive.

Do Peugeot 208 have heated seats?

There’s a small list of options for the 208 but it’s possible to tailor it to your taste with a panoramic sunroof, metallic or pearlescent paint and upgraded Nappa leather upholstery. The latter also brings heated front seats and electric adjustment for the driver’s seat.

How do I charge my Peugeot 208 phone?

To start charging simply place your device face up on the charging mat. The green charging light will illuminate when charging is initiated. Always make sure all objects, especially metal or magnetic items, are removed from the charging pad to ensure an efficient connectivity.

What is the road tax on a Peugeot 208?


Annual Road Tax Six-monthly Road Tax
Signature 1.2 PureTech 82 S&S 5d £155.00 £85.25
Signature 1.5 BlueHDi 100 S&S (01/2019 on) 5d £155.00 £85.25
Signature 1.5 BlueHDi 100 S&S 5d £155.00 £85.25

¿Cuánto cuesta un Peugeot 208 nuevo?

El Peugeot 208 es el representante subcompacto de la marca francesa y es uno de los competidores con mayor equipamiento, además de tener un diseño atractivo. El felino francés es perfecto para rodar por la ciudad y es muy práctico. Sus rivales más populares son el SEAT Ibiza y el Kia Rio, entre otros. I. ¿Cuánto cuesta un Peugeot 208 nuevo?

¿Cuál es la nueva generación del Peugeot 208?

Llega la nueva generación del Peugeot 208, modelo producido en Argentina con la nueva plataforma global de la marca que le debe entregar mayor seguridad, menor peso y mejor calidad de manejo.

¿Cuál es el nuevo récord de consumo del Peugeot 208?

Tecnología Stop & Start El PEUGEOT 208, en su versión de muy bajo consumo de 1,6 L BlueHDi 100 S&S con caja de cambios manual de 5 velocidades, ha establecido un nuevo récord de consumo en largas distancias homologado por la UTACi en el circuito de Belchamp en Francia.

¿Cómo crece el maletero del Peugeot 208?

Mejora sus materiales y ahora el maletero crece hasta los 265 litros. En términos de equipamiento, el Peugeot 208 está disponible con los habituales acabados Like, Active, Allure, GT Line y GT.

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