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Why is Lord Garmadon evil again?

Why is Lord Garmadon evil again?

Garmadon became a loving father to Lloyd, going on to sacrifice himself to save NINJAGO® world. The story didn’t end there though, as Harumi and a crime syndicate called the Sons of Garmadon resurrected him in his evil form!

What is Lord Garmadon’s elemental power?

Destruction. Destruction is an elemental essence used by Lord Garmadon. It allows the user to destroy anything. Garmadon was also shown to be able to generate lightning, presumably using Destruction.

Who is the voice of Lord Garmadon in Ninjago?

Voiced by. Lord Garmadon is the power-hungry Lord of Destruction, as well as the revived evil form of the Ninjas’ former mentor, Master Garmadon. He is the First Spinjitzu Master’s firstborn son, Wu’s older brother, Misako’s estranged husband, and Lloyd’s father. Garmadon grew up learning the art of the Ninja alongside his brother.

What did Garmadon get from the realm of Madness?

His time in the Realm of Madness gave him four arms, a gray armored chestplate, and a darker helmet. After arriving on the Island of Darkness, he gained a new helmet that also gave him control over the Stone Army, which he wore until Dareth took possession of it.

How many minifigures does Lord Garmadon have?

As Lord Garmadon, he has six minifigures with different appearances: original, with four arms, possessed, Reborn, and Legacy (with 4 arms and another with 2 arms). On the LEGO website, a picture of the Overlord was inaccurately shown on Garmadon’s description, though this was later corrected.

What happens to Garmadon after defeating the Overlord?

After allying with the Skulkin and Serpentine to claim the Golden Weapons, Garmadon later joined The Overlord —only to be used as a vessel for his rebirth. After Lloyd defeated The Overlord, Garmadon was purified of evil and reunited with his family, hoping to atone for his misdeeds.

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