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How do I find my vCenter appliance build number?

How do I find my vCenter appliance build number?

Determining the build number of vCenter Server using the vSphere Client

  1. Log in to the vSphere Client.
  2. Select the vCenter Server.
  3. Click the Summary tab.
  4. The build is located under the Version Information section.

What is the current version of vCenter server?


Developer(s) VMware, Inc.
Stable release 7.0 Update 2 (build 17694817) / March 9, 2021
Operating system Windows Server (latest version supported: 6.7U2); VMware ESXi
Platform 32-bit (discontinued in 4.1U2), 64-bit

How do I know what version of VMware appliance I have?

Log in to the vSphere Web Client. Click Help > About VMware vSphere. The version will be to the right of vSphere Web Client.

How do I find vCenter version?

How do I determine what vCenter build am I running?

  1. Log into the VMware vSphere Web Client.
  2. Locate the vCenter Server in the inventory tree. Home à vCenter à Inventory Lists à vCenter Servers à vCenter Server.
  3. Select the “Summary” tab.
  4. The version is listed in the “Version Information” pane on the right (see screenshot)

How do I update my vCenter appliance?

On the web page, select the drop-down menu VC > Select 6.7, click the checkbox, and download the latest file.

  1. Download the latest VCSA patch.
  2. Connect the update ISO to the VCSA virtual machine.
  3. Connect to the VCSA appliance.
  4. Check updates via CD ROM.
  5. Select CD ROM + URL.
  6. Backup your vCenter Server first.

Can vCenter 6.7 Manage ESXi 7?

VMware vCenter 7.0 can manage ESXi 7.0, ESXi 6.7 and ESXi 6.5, but vCenter 6.7 cannot manage ESXi 7.0 hosts. Thus, you have to upgrade vCenter first and then go to ESXi upgrade if you want to upgrade vSphere 6.7 to 7.0.

Is vCenter mandatory?

Who Needs To Use vCenter? Technically speaking, you don’t need vCenter Server to run VMs on top of ESXi hosts. However, for production environments, vCS is mandatory. This is because vCS unlocks all the great features that production environments need, including vSphere HA, vMotion and DRS.

How do I find vCenter vSAN version?

To check the version of the vSAN Health Service installed on the ESXi hosts:

  1. Log in to the ESXi hosts through SSH as root.
  2. Run this command: esxcli software vib get -n vsanhealth. For example: [root@:~] esxcli software vib get -n vsanhealth. VMware_bootbank_vsanhealth_6.0.0-0.1.2439785. Name: vsanhealth.

How do I upgrade or update vCenter 6.5 appliance?

Mount the Patch ISO to the VCSA 6.5 VM using vSphere web client or ESXi web client.

  1. Access the VCSA Appliance Management using browser. Use VCSA IP address or hostname with port 5480.
  2. It will check for the patches inside ISO.
  3. Accept the license Agreement & click Install the start the Update Installation.

How do I check vCenter upgrade status?

To track the progress of the update, log into the vCenter Server or Platform Services Controller Appliance and check the update status in the /var/log/vmware/applmgmt/software-packages. log file. To check the update status: Connect to the External Platform Service Controller Appliance with an SSH session.

How do I update ESXi 6.7 from command line?

How to update ESXi 6.7 to 6.7 Update 1 via command line. Place the ESXi host you are about to upgrade into Maintenance Mode. Now SSH into the host using PuTTY (or any other SSH client/terminal). Finally, reboot the ESXi host to complete the upgrade.

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