Is 357A the same as LR44?

Is 357A the same as LR44?

lr44 is alkaline 357 is silver oxide. 357 is a longer lasting silver oxide version of the alkaline L44.

Are 357A and LR44 batteries the same?

LR44 Alkaline Coin Cells, 40 Pack 1.5V AG13 A76 357A Button Cell Batteries for Small, Portable and Wearable Devices.

What battery is equivalent to 357A?

LR44 Battery (Pack of 2) is a direct replacement for 1128MP, 1166A, AG13, D76A, G13A, GPA7, GPA76, LR44, LR1154, L1154, PX675A, PX76A, RPX675, S76, V13GA, RW82, KA, A76, 208-904, SB-F9, G13-A, CA18, CA19, LR44, GP76A, L1154H, A-76, AG14, AG-14, KA76, MS76H, CR44, LR44H, L1154G, LR44G, GPS76A, L1154C, L1154F, GPA75.

What does LR44 mean on a battery?

What is an LR44 battery? The LR44 battery is a alkaline button cell defined by its unique dimensions (11.6mm diameter x 5.4mm thickness). They typically feature up to 240mAh capacities, have a 1.5V voltage, and are primary (non-rechargeable) due to their alkaline chemistry.

Can I replace LR44 with SR44?

Yes, the SR44 can replace the LR44 and visa versa. The SR version is silver oxide which is more expensive, has higher power density, and is better for use in low drain, long battery life applications, such as digital calipers, watches and the like.

How many volts is a 357A battery?

Product Specifications for 357 Energizer Silver Oxide Button Cell Battery

BM Part #: EVR-357
Voltage: 1.55 Volt
Capacity: 150 mAh
Type: Silver Oxide
Height: 5.4mm

What batteries are equivalent to the LR44?

LR44 battery is an alkaline battery, with the most common equivalent batteries being: AG13, G13, A76, L1154, LR1154, 157 etc.

What size is a 357 Battery?

357 battery is a 1.55V Silver Oxide button cell battery. The 357 battery is same size as the LR44 but performs better and lasts longer.

What is the voltage of a 357 Battery?

357 button battery is a small button shape silver oxide battery with a voltage of 1.5V.

What are the differences between LR44 and Sr44?

Alkaline LR44 have 1.5 volts as the nominal voltage, whereas silver-oxide SR44 nominal voltage is 1.55 V. The voltage of LR44 is continually dropping, whereas the silver-oxide SR44 is constant and only reduces when almost discharged.

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