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What can I use instead of reverse pec dec?

What can I use instead of reverse pec dec?

The banded rear delt fly is an excellent alternative for the reverse pec deck because it targets the same musculature (rear delts, rhomboids, traps) and is the exact same movement pattern as the reverse pec deck, but is performed with a band that is anchored to a rack (or any sturdy object) rather than using a machine.

Why are my rear delts so weak?

There’s a reason your rear delts are underdeveloped and weak – it’s because you’re using too much weight to get the job done and other muscle groups are actually completing the rep. Since the rear delts aren’t easy to hit, we need to respect that it won’t take much weight to hit them hard.

Are rear delt raises good?

Rear delt raises are useful isolation exercises that can prepare you for more complex compound exercises like deadlifts, bench presses, and inverted rows. With proper form, this rear delt exercise can also activate your triceps, rhomboids, infraspinatus muscle, and other scapular muscles around your shoulder blades.

Do shrugs work rear delts?

Dumbbell shrugs, pulling the weights upward and to the rear activate the rear deltoids and the upper traps. By squeezing your shoulder blades together as well, you can hit the center of your traps.

Do you need to isolate rear delts?

The rear delts still need rest: Typically, you don’t want to work a muscle on consecutive days to allow for more optimal recovery. So, if you want to hit your rear delts hard, consider separating your back and shoulder workouts by at least 48 hours.

What kind of machine is rear delt fly machine?

R ear Delt Fly Machine The rear delt fly machine, also known as the reverse fly machine, is a gym machine exercise that builds strength in your rear deltoids. This machine can teach novice weightlifters how to activate their rear delts in the safest way possible.

Which is better rear deltoid fly or bent over lateral raise?

The rear deltoid machine fly is a better alternative to bent over lateral raise because the stack based machine would provide continuous tension in a circular pathway. Also, the machine allows you to work with considerable weight without using your torso to cheat, as is often the case in the equivalent free weight exercise.

Are there any alternatives to the reverse dumbbell fly?

Since we don’t have either of these machines at home, here are some alternatives. Reverse Dumbbell Fly – (adjustable bench + dumbbells) Seated Dumbbell Fly – (utility bench + dumbbells) Rear Delt Fly – (stackable resistance bands + optional: wall anchors) Rear Delt Fly – (Crossover Symmetry system)

How to do rear deltoid fly on pec deck machine?

Alternate between a neutral (palms facing each other) and a pronated grip (palms facing the floor). Pec-Deck Machine Rear Deltoid Fly. This is similar to the basic exercise, but using a pec-deck machine. Sit backwards on the machine with your chest resting against the seat back. Position your arms at a 90º angle to your body.

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