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Why did Superman go bad in injustice?

Why did Superman go bad in injustice?

As a person who had never experienced loss or fear, Superman was too ill-prepared to deal with the aftermath of his wife and unborn child’s death. His loss, grief and pain overwhelmed him, causing him to forget his initial hard-line, wholesome values and ethics, turning him corrupt and cruel.

What did Superman do injustice?

A deeply troubled dictator, Superman was drugged into killing his wife Lois, their unborn son, and all of Metropolis by the Joker. He now rules as High Councilor of Earth, killing all who oppose him.

Was Superman right in injustice?

Superman is completely right that putting people like Joker, Victor Sasz, Brainiac and Grodd in the ground is the right course of action, and that Batman’s method is naive and has probably cost more lives than saved. Batman however is right that killing all villains and having no checks is dangerous.

Is Superman evil injustice?

Injustice 2 tells the continuing story of an alternate DC Comics universe where, get this, Superman is evil. In one of the most egregious fridgings of the modern era, a hallucinating Superman kills pregnant Lois Lane. Superman’s rage then causes him become the most comically evil version of himself possible.

Can Superman beat Avengers?

If a fight broke out between Superman and the Avengers, the Avengers would defeat Superman. They could easily overwhelm Superman from all directions. Moreover, Ant-Man, Doctor Strange, and Thor, who possess magical powers could tactically defeat Superman.

Which is better injustice Superman or Justice Lord Superman?

Justice Lords Superman debuted in “A Better World,” and influenced the Injustice dimension decades later.

Why is Superman the leader of the Justice League?

Superman isn’t the most powerful member of the Justice League, but he has an amazing balance of powers that make him the team powerhouse. Fighting the threats he has over the years has honed his powers to a razor’s edge, so anything he lacks in power, he more than makes up for with skill.

Which is stronger Earth 2 Superman or Earth 1 Superman?

Ex: Earth 51 Superman is weaker than Earth 2 Superman, but Earth 1 Superman is more powerful than his Earth 2. The exact number of the Injustice Universe has not ever been explicitly stated as far as my knowledge goes, and it was even unclear as to whether Injustice takes place in the main DC multiverse.

Are there any evil versions of Superman in DC Universe?

The DC Universe has had a few evil versions of Superman but the darkest ones include the Injustice Superman and the Justice Lords version. The concept of a dark Superman will always intrigue fans and creators in the entertainment industry.

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