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How do I turn on notifications in canvas?

How do I turn on notifications in canvas?

Tap the email address where you want to set notifications [1]. Email notifications match the notification types set in the browser version of Canvas. Options include Immediately, Daily, Weekly, or Never. To change a notification email frequency, tap the notification name [2].

How do I change the due date on canvas?

Using the Due Date ModifierClick Multi-Tool in the left-hand course navigation menu. Click Due Date Modifier.Select the new semester’s Course Start and Course End dates.Click Update Course Dates.Click Set Blackout Dates (if needed) to open that area of the page. Scroll down to the Assignment Data section.

How do you change submissions on canvas?

To change the submission type on an assignment, go to the Assignments tab and click the name of the assignment you want to edit. Once in the Assignment screen, click the Edit button. Then, scroll down to see a drop-down menu of submission types.

How do I see all my submissions on canvas?

View Submissions In the Submissions section, you can view the status of the assignment and how many assignments have been graded [1], how many need grading [2], and how many have not been submitted [3]. To view the submissions page for all submissions, tap the Submissions icon [4].

How can canvas discussions enhance student learning?

Discussions can help you:Foster collaboration among your students.Assess incremental learning.Provide deeper engagement between your students and course content.Make advanced content more accessible.Create learning communities within your classroom.Conduct peer reviews and track feedback.

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