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What size is a 13kg gas bottle?

What size is a 13kg gas bottle?

Cylinder Size Guide

Cylinder Type/Size Diameter
Cylinder sizes may vary depending on manufacturer
Propane: 13kg 315mm
Propane: 18kg 315mm
Propane: 19kg 315mm

How big is a 8.5 kg gas bottle?

460 x 310
Supagas LPG Gas Bottles Sizes

LPG Gas Bottle Sizes/Type LPG Gas Cylinder Sizes Package Dimensions – mm (H x W x D) Water capacity per cylinder – L
3.7kg BBQ Gas Bottle 340 x 265 11
8.5kg BBQ Gas Bottle 460 x 310 22
15kg Forklift Gas Bottle* 734 x 310 36
18kg Forklift Gas Bottle 826 x 310 44

How big is a 9kg gas bottle?

32 × 32 × 47 cm
Cadac 9kg Gas Cylinder

Weight 9.4 kg
Dimensions 32 × 32 × 47 cm

What size is a standard gas bottle?

A 9kg gas bottle is considered the standard size BBQ gas bottle and is roughly equivalent to a 20 lb propane tank. 9kg represents the nominal weight of the gas contents. A 9kg gas bottle weighs approximately 17.5 kg when full, so it is very portable.

How tall is a 13kg patio gas bottle?

The 13kg Patio gas bottle is fitted with our innovative Gas Trac® indicator that lets you know how much gas you have remaining….Which regulator do I need?

Product Code 210131
Cylinder Colour Green
Capacity 13kg
Height 580mm
Diameter 315mm

How long does a 8.5 kg gas bottle last?

Each burner is rated at 15MJ so that’s 15×2=30MJ/hour of gas consumption. Then divide that into 417 (the number of MJ in the 8.5kg bottle) to get the running time: 417÷30=13.9 hours how long does a gas bottle last.

How much does it cost to fill a 8.5 kg gas bottle?

Price (includes GST)

2kg Refill $15
3.7kg Refill $25
8.5kg Refill $38.50

Which is the best gas bottle for Cadac?

I would suggest a small calor gas butane bottle rather than the camping gaz, unless the possible need to exchange it in Europe might direct you to camping gaz. The exchange cost for calor is dear enough, but camping gaz is substantially more. The bottle sizes are not too different so no boot storage issue.

Which is gas bottle for Cadac-caravan BBQ-talk?

The bottle sizes are not too different so no boot storage issue. As a side issue, I find my Cadac burns a lot better on butane rather than propane, which is another reason why I don’t use the caravan bbq point, although I do carry a separate hose to use on the bbq outlet when the bottle runs out mid use. More sharing options…

What kind of gas does a Cadac Safari chef use?

The Safari Chef HP works directly on an EN417 gas cartridge. The Safari Chef is easy to take with you thanks to the foldable legs and convenient carrying bag. This is an ideal BBQ for use at the campsite, on the balcony or in the park! CADAC ThermoGrill® causes an even heat distribution, quick heat up time and less gas consumption.

What does Cadac BBQ stand for in South Africa?

With our barbecues we literally bring friends & family together for a ‘Braai’ or BBQ. With our South African roots and more than 70 years of experience, we dare to call ourselves true Braai experts. Cooking at the campsite!

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