What is a question mark BBC Bitesize?

What is a question mark BBC Bitesize?

Question marks (?) and exclamation marks (!) are punctuation marks that go at the end of a sentence. Question marks and exclamation marks go at the end of a sentence and they tell us what type of sentence it is. Using different sentence types helps makes your writing more interesting.

What is a question sentence ks2?

Understanding questions for children at KS1 A question is a type of sentence that we ask or write to gain further information from a person or people responding. Often (but not always) question sentences begin with one of the following words: Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How.

What is a question mark for kindergarten?

A question mark is a punctuation mark that is used following a question in a sentence. It functions as both an indicator of a question and a full stop at the sentence.

How do we use question?

Using Question Marks to End a Sentence. Use a question mark at the end of a direct question. Direct questions often start with words such as “where,” “what,” “why,” “who,” or “how.” Anytime you ask a straightforward, direct question, put a question mark at the end as the form of punctuation.

How do you write questions?


  1. Focus on one item in each question.
  2. Keep it natural – phrase questions in your own words.
  3. Only ask relevant questions.
  4. Add positive feedback for correct and incorrect answers.
  5. Try to keep question text as short as possible.
  6. Create questions that require thought.

HoW do you use question marks?

The question mark is used at the end of a direct question. Indirect questions take a period. What is she doing tonight? I wonder what she’s doing tonight.

What to do with question marks in KS1?

Make sure your KS1 students are asking all the right questions about question marks with these punctuation games, activities and other resources for Year 1 and Year 2 SPaG…

How to use question marks in a sentence?

Teach your KS1 students all about how question marks are are used in sentences with this brightly coloured poster, then allow children to apply their skills with the card sort activity and worksheets. Download this pack here. Question Mark song from Grammaropolis – “Question Mark?”

Which is the best question marks worksheet for year 2?

This bright, appealing grammar worksheet is an excellent way to practise and revise using question marks in Year 2. It is divided into five sections: understand, challenge, test, explain and apply, and activities include SATs-style questions and opportunities for creative writing responses.

How to teach and revise question marks?

Teach and revise question marks with this fantastic primary resource on question marks. Read More… It’s always lovely to hear that people like our resources. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. With year 7 special needs students.

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