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Is the evolution uc33 a good MIDI controller?

Is the evolution uc33 a good MIDI controller?

The budget MIDI controller market is pretty crowded these days, but Evolution are giving you the most for your money with the UC33, eschewing expensive rotary encoders and large displays for affordable non-moving faders and wipe-clean overlays.

What kind of casing does the evolution uc33 have?

The UC33 has a smart moulded silver plastic casing, with a metal baseplate to add some mass. It feels strong enough to last for years in the studio, and (if used carefully) live. However, if it’s likely to get drop-kicked at gigs, you might prefer the all-metal cases of some of its competitors.

What kind of controller is the evolution UC16?

Evolution’s first foray into stand-alone controller territory was the UC16, which, as its name suggests, has 16 assignable rotary controls, plus a bank of control and snapshot buttons, and a straightforward three-digit LCD display.

How do I connect my UC-33 to my computer?

Plug in the USB cable provided with the UC-33 to a free USB port on your computer. 3. Plug in the other end of the USB cable to the USB socket on the UC-33. The single USB cable not only powers the U-Control but also sends MIDI data to and from your computer system.

How many faders are in the evolution uc33?

However, the UC33 under review here is a more ambitious product, with nine assignable faders and 24 assignable rotary dials (hence the ’33’ of its name), 14 assignable buttons, a custom blue backlit LCD with a further bank of control buttons, and a USB MIDI interface.

How many buttons are there on the uc-33e?

The UC-33e allows instant and simultaneous controls of up to 47 different parameters via its 24 assignable rotary controllers, nine assignable sliders, and fourteen assignable buttons including a 10-button keypad. 33 non-volatile memory locations allow quick and easy setup changes.

What can I do with the evolution uc33e control surface?

To facilitate easy use of the controller with leading music software, the UC-33e comes with pre-configured settings for use with a variety of popular plug-ins, virtual instruments and host applications (including presets for Propellerhead Reason?s Malstrom, Subtractor, ReDrum, Dr.Rex, NN-19 and Mixer).

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