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How can I test my Wi-Fi speed only?

How can I test my Wi-Fi speed only?

The quickest, easiest, and most painless way to gauge your Wi-Fi speed is to use a free, browser-based test like the one offered by Internet metrics company OOKLA at With about 8 billion tests under its belt, OOKLA has more data to back speed comparisons than any other tester out there.

Is the Ookla Speedtest accurate?

Ookla provides a reliable, consistent test experience across devices. Speedtest provides an accurate, consistent test experience that consumers trust across the many device types available on today’s market. Our rigorous methodology applies to all of our applications.

How can I check my ookla Wi-Fi speed?

You can access the Ookla internet speed test widget using this link: You will be presented with a speed checker widget similar to the image to the left. Click on the GO button to start the speed test.

Why is Speedtest by Ookla not working?

Check whether you’re streaming or downloading anything that might be using bandwidth during the Speedtest, and then try testing again. If your Speedtest result still seems slow, try rebooting your device or your router, and ensure that your router does not have any Quality of Service (QOS) features turned on.

What is the best app to test Wi-Fi speed? This is probably the most popular speed test app on Android. There’s a good chance that you might have also used this before. has actually raised and set the quality standards for speed testing apps globally.

Is there an app to check Wi-Fi speed?

Speedtest by Ookla (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac) Ookla’s Speedtest app is one of the most popular around. Not only has it been around for years, it offers reliable tests for free. The information it gives is relatively bare-bones, but it gets the job done.

How do you check for Internet loss?

Run a “ping (Target IP) -n 25” as seen below (you’ll need to replace the Target IP with your Default gateway IP as seen above). The command will send 25 ICMP packets to the AP, will wait for their reply, calculate a % of packet loss, and an average RTT (Round Trip Time in ms).

Is there an app to check WIFI speed?

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