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How important is an air flow sensor?

How important is an air flow sensor?

Your Mass Air Flow Sensor (MAF Sensor) is a piece of technology within your engine which tells your car’s computer how much air is entering the engine. This is important as it allows your engine to regulate its performance and change the intake of air to keep your engine running in its best condition.

What happens when you remove air flow sensor?

If you disconnect the mass airflow sensor, then the car should keep running and still be able to start normally. This means that if your mass airflow sensor dies completely, then your car will stay running and surprisingly the car might run better without the mass airflow sensor.

How do air flow sensors work?

Put simply, a MAF has two sensing wires. One is heated by an electrical current, the other is not. As air flows across the heated wire, it cools down. When the temperature difference between the two sensing wires changes, the MAF sensor automatically increases or decreases the current to the heated wire to compensate.

What is a bad mass air flow sensor?

An MAF , or Mass Air Flow, sensor is a device used to measure the density of air flowing into the engine. The MAF sensor can go bad for numerous reasons, resulting in symptoms a car operator can use to help determine and resolve the problem. A lit “Check Engine” light is an early symptom of an MAF sensor going bad.

What are the symptoms of a MAF sensor going bad?

These are the symptoms of a bad MAF sensor: Engine stalling, almost immediately after starting the car. Lack of power and poor acceleration. Unstable idling, especially when the A/C is on. Engine hiccup. Unable to start the car, even after turning the engine for a couple of times.

What are the symptoms of a bad mass air sensor?

The most common symptoms from a bad mass air flow sensor are slow accelerating and reduced engine power. You can also notice a difference in the fuel economy as the main function of the mass air flow sensor is to let the engine know how much fuel it should inject.

How much does a mass air flow sensor cost?

The average price for a new mass air flow sensor cost is around $100. When purchasing a mass air flow sensor, you have the option of an original manufacturer part or an aftermarket part.

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