What happens in Vernon God Little?

What happens in Vernon God Little?

Plot synopsis. The life of Vernon Little, a normal teenager who lives in Martirio, Texas, falls apart when his best friend, Jesus Navarro, murders their classmates in the schoolyard before killing himself, and Vernon is taken in for questioning.

Who wrote Vernon God Little?

DBC Pierre
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DBC Pierre Vernon God Little, his debut novel, won the MAN Booker Prize and the Whitbread First Novel Award.

What genre is Vernon God Little?

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Who is the author of Vernon God Little?

In Vernon God Little, first-time author DBC Pierre dares to go where many would not. The book is an absurdly humorous look at the misadventures of a Texas teen named Vernon Little whose best friend in the world has just killed sixteen of their classmates and himself.

What did Vernon God Little do after his father died?

After his father died of a brain tumor when Pierre was nineteen, Pierre—as the default male head of his household—began to accrue both mounting debts and an increasingly destructive cocaine habit. He spent the following decade recovering from both, and he eventually found a job as a graphic designer.

Why did Vernon God Little not believe Jesus?

Vernon tells her he does not know anything—in fact, he was not even in class when it happened. Gurie, knowing Vernon was a close friend of Jesus, does not believe him. Sheriff Porkorney does not seem to believe Vernon either, and he suggests that he might have been Jesus’s gay lover.

What was the alibi of Vernon God Little?

Vernon tells Goosens his alibi for the shootings: He was away from school on an errand and stopped to use the bathroom—a slave to his unpredictable bowels. Goosens then asks Vernon to undress, and he begins to touch Vernon inappropriately.

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