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Is Valco boats still in business?

Is Valco boats still in business?

Division of Valley Aluminum Co. Gregory who founded Gregor Boats in 1964 and is still in business and producing welded aluminum boats. Valco began boat production with riveted aluminum boats.

Is Valco a good boat?

Registered. Valco’s are great boats. They also made some great little 8′ and 10′ prams like the boat pictured below. Super wide, stable and highly desirable for stillwater fishing.

Who bought Valco boats?

Yes, Valco was bought by Klamath. I met and talked to the owner several times over the past years. He reintroduced the small Bayrunners over the past five years and recently built the new 21′.

Are Klamath boats welded?

Klamath boats are welded from the highest grade marine alloys. Welded construction means that there are no rivets to work loose and leak. Careful material selection and thorough engineering in all aspects of the design and fabrication ensure that selecting a Klamath is buying a boat that will last for generations.

Who made westcoaster boats?

Select a 1992 Valco/Westcoaster Model Debuting in 1983 as a manufacturer of aluminum boats, the Valco/Westcoaster immediately attracted sport anglers.

Who makes Bay Runner boats?

Klamath Boat Company
A brand created through a long-standing California marine manufacturer Klamath Boat Company, Bayrunner is a producer of aluminum center console vessels. Ideal for fishing and other utility duties, Bayrunner boats range in size from 17 to 23 feet.

How much does a Valco boat weigh?


POWER BOATS Length Weight (lbs)
U-12 12′ 125
WC-123 12′ 200
U-13 13′ 138
WC-134 13′ 200

How big is a Valco wide body boat?

Wide body boat is stable in the water and even has a motor well in the back to keep water out of boat.Boat has new wood seats, Cabela’s clamp-on padded fishing seats, 2 fishing pole holders, Eagle fish finder, cup holders, 2 gas tanks (3 gal and 6 gal) with hoses and 12 volt deep cycle battery.Two Evenrude 2-cycle gas motors, 6 & 15 HP.

What was the boat company that took over Valco?

Great little boat. 1987 Cabo 216/F150 “Have Not Blown-up Yet!” 1. Bought a used 14′ Westcoaster by Valco in 1984 but it was an earlier model 2. Bought a used 18′ 1984 Bayrunner in 1990 3. Bought a used 22′ 1986 Bayrunner by Valco in 1995 Have Not Blown-Up Yet!

What kind of boat is a Valco Bay runner?

Family owned. 1997 Valco 18′ Bay Runner 1997 Valco 18′ Bay Runner Good Used Valco 18′ Center Console!

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