What is the abbreviation for Camaro?

What is the abbreviation for Camaro?

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What does M mean in a Camaro?

The “M” or Manual shift lever position can be used to step the transmission up or down through 7 pre-programmed gears manually.

What does ZL1 Camaro stand for?

ZL1 stands for “Chevrolet Camaro ZL1”

Is Camaro illegal?

A decade-old law is forcing Chevrolet dealers in California to quit taking orders for the 2021 Chevrolet Camaro SS and ZL1 because on New Year’s Day, the cars will be illegal. The cars will remain available elsewhere in the U.S. …

Where are the USB ports in a Camaro?

The USB data port on Chevy Camaro is located inside the center console under the armrest.

What Camaro is banned in California?

2021 Chevy Camaro SS
2021 Chevy Camaro SS, ZL1 Can’t Be Sold in California, Washington. Starting in 2021, the copper content in these Camaros’ Brembo brakes becomes illegal. Chevy wouldn’t say why the brakes didn’t change prior to the rule change.

Where is the Aux In a Camaro?

The auxiliary input jack is located on the center stack. You can use it for audio playback on your laptop or MP3 player.

What does the SS on a Camaro mean?

Super Sport, or SS, is the signature performance option package offered by Chevrolet on a limited number of its vehicles. All SS models come with distinctive “SS” markings on their exterior. The SS package was first made available for the 1961 Impala. Some of the other models bearing the SS badge include the Camaro, Chevelle, El Camino, Impala, Monte Carlo, Nova and Chevrolet Pickup Truck.

What does Z28 mean on the Camaro?

The name Z28 started out as only a Regular Production Order (RPO) option code but has since grown into one of the most recognizable three letters in Camaro automotive history. It may just be a coincidence that the RPO code for the Camaro Super Sport (SS) package was Z27 and that RPO Z28 just followed it sequentially or maybe not.

What does the RS in Camaro RS stand for?

The “RS” designation has been used for a trim level or a model-year variant in each of the vehicle’s generations. RS stands for Rally Sport, which originally was an appearance package available on the first- and second-generation Camaro.

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