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What should the timing be set on a 383 stroker?

What should the timing be set on a 383 stroker?

I would disconnect and plug the vacuum advance. Set the timing @ 36* BTDC at 3,000 RPM (or the point at which it no longer advances). This is your “total timing” Let the engine come back down to idle, and note where the timing is at idle. This is now your base point for tuning.

What should ignition timing advance be at idle?

Most engines have between 5-20 degrees of ignition advance at idle.

How much HP does a 383 make?

That combo would probably make around 465 hp and nearly 500 lb-ft, but at less rpm. But never mind that. The point here is 502 lb-ft at 4,700 rpm and 500-plus horsepower from 5,700-6,200 rpm….Hot Rod’s Proven Recipe For A Simple Chevy 383 That Knocks Down 500 HP And 500 LB-FT.

True 383 Power
6,200 425 502

What’s the best carb for a 383 stroker?

Carburetor For 383 Stroker recommends a 650 cfm carburetor. A 750 cfm carburetor will make the engine more powerful, but it is the largest that should be used unless the engine is being used for racing.

What will too much timing do?

Too much timing can cause serious engine damage, so it’s best to be an informed tuner. If the spark occurs too late, the engine runs flat, makes less power, and may overheat.

What’s the best timing advance for a 383 Stroker?

Most aftermarket distributors have 11* on the cam, which will give you 22* advance. So – if you engine runs best at 36* then your initial will be 14*. Set it up that way and adjust your carburetor to idle at that timing advance. You’re going to need to find out what you engine likes with timing fully advanced. Mine likes 35*, but that’s mine.

What should the initial setting be on a 383?

Initial setting can be 12-15 deg. 6000 ft will affect how the engine runs because of the lower pressure so you may find yourself leaning it out to correct the mixture. Do a compression test as recommended above because that will answer a lot of questions.

Is it correct for Chevy performance sp383 Stroker?

From the posts and articles I’ve read, a lot of other sbc 383 (mostly street driven) seem to have positive results with a similar timing and advance curve set-ups when using a longer duration camshaft. As far as “… it is correct for this engine as chevy performance requires?”

What should spark timing be on Camaro sp383?

If using an HEI distributor, set spark timing at 32 degrees before top dead center (BTDC) at 4,000 RPM with the vacuum advance line to the distributor disconnected and plugged. The vacuum advance canister should remain disconnected.

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