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How do you make a custom crosshair in CS GO?

How do you make a custom crosshair in CS GO?

How to Change Crosshair Size in CSGO

  1. Hit “~” to open the console.
  2. You can then adjust using the “cl_crosshairsize X” command.
  3. Enter a value for ‘x’: for example, “cl_crosshairsize 3.5”.
  4. After this, play around with the number until you find one that suits you.

How do you get a crosshair generator?

Jump into CS:GO, click on “Find a game,” and select the “Workshop” tab next to “Common.” In the list of maps, choose the Crosshair generator map and click the green “Start local server” button below the map option. Your own private server should load and you should spawn in a room with menus on a wall in front of you.

Why do CSGO pros use big crosshair?

With just a dot the aim and spray feels unstable to me for some reason, and it’s harder to headshot with it because it covers their head. With the cross you can see their head in the middle gap. because they used the same in 1.6 (cl_crosshairsize “4” or “5”). Thats the most common pros use.

Is there a crosshair generator for Counter Strike Global Offensive?

Create your very own crosshair with this easy to use CSGO Crosshair Generator, it’s free to use and easy to import it into your Counter Strike: Global Offensive game. Included inside the generator are the crosshair presets of your favorite E-Sports Stars, CSGO Pros and Streams.

Where can I find crosshairs for CS GO?

Welcome to If you’ve an interest in new or alternative crosshairs, this is the place for you! We’ve currently gathered a total of 110 professional CS:GO players’ crosshair settings from 22 different teams and more will be added regularly.

How to change the dynamic crosshair settings in CSGO?

The logical solution that presents itself is changing the classic dynamic crosshair settings and getting a new, custom made one, by using the style outline from the crosshair generator.

How to create your own sniper crosshair generator?

Whether you decide to use the crosshair generator for changing the style, size, thickness, gap, alpha, dot, T-crosshair, sniper crosshair, make sure to remember that there are no same rules for all the crosshairs out there and that you should only choose settings that allow you to enter “the zone” and bring forward the best out of you. . .

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