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How rare is a BMW 1M?

How rare is a BMW 1M?

Rarest of the rare Just 1,000 units, which means that it’s even rarer on the used market today. For reference, when the 1M debuted, it’s sticker price was set at $47,010, but dealers were marking them up for much higher at the time. Now, you can find one but it will cost a pretty penny.

Is the BMW 1M a future classic?

The 1M is a categorically great car, but a handful of upgrades can make it even better. Now that the BMW 1M has dutifully achieved a future-classic status, in part by simply being a joyously fantastic car to drive, prices will only continue to climb.

How much does a BMW 1M cost?


Vehicle: 2011 BMW 1M Coupe
Years Produced: 2011–12
Number Produced: 983 (U.S. spec), 6,342 (total)
Original List Price: $47,010
SCM Valuation: $61,750

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Semolina is known as rava or sooji (suji) in Hindi. And the Upma which is made with semolina is called rava upma, sooji upma or suji ka upma. The method of cooking rava (suji) upma requires dry roasting the rava.

What kind of rice do you use for upma?

Upma is also known as uppumavu or uppittu. Upma is a thick and dense savory porridge usually made using dry roasted semolina (rava or suji). It is also made using coarse rice flour.

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Upma makes its appearance in most South Indian homes, tiffin centres and even during large gatherings like weddings, religious ceremonies etc. It is not only simple, easy to make, but is also affordable by larger population hence it is seen so often everywhere.

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