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How to serve static content from a cookieless domain?

How to serve static content from a cookieless domain?

To reserve a cookieless domain for serving static content, register a new domain name and configure your DNS database with a CNAME record that points the new domain to your existing domain A record.

How to serve static content from different domain?

Creating a Subdomain Create a subdomain and name it whatever you like for example If you are using cPanel then head over to DOMAINS section and click on subdomain option. Enter the name of your new subdomain and click on CREATE button to save the changes.

Why cookieless domain?

This (sub)domain is typically called “static”. It is used to serve Javascript, CSS, images and other static content. The reason for static content to be on a cookie-less domain is that it makes the content load faster.

How do I use cookie free domains?

How to use cookie-free domains in WordPress

  1. Create a subdomain, such as , which is where you will deliver all your static files from.
  2. Point your new subdomain to the /wp-content directory of your WordPress installation.

How do I use cookie-free domains with Cloudflare?

Cookies are used for various purposes like tracking, session (login), cart, comment etc. If you’re using Cloudflare, they inject a cookie called “__cfduid“. Here is what GTmetix says: Serve static content from a different domain to avoid unnecessary cookie traffic.

What is cookies free domain?

A cookie-free domain is a domain which doesn’t send a command to users’ browser to store cookies from the website. Usually, websites have static information, which may never change. Images, CSS files, JavaScript and etc.

How can I get free domain cookies?

How do I make my website cookies free?

There are a couple of ways to configure a cookie-free domain. Such as using a separate domain name, set up a CDN, and reconfiguring a WordPress site….How to setup or use cookie-free domains

  1. Configure a cookie-free domain separately.
  2. Use a CDN provider to ignore cookies.
  3. Re-configure your WordPress site.

How do I fix my cookie-free domain?

Use a CDN provider to ignore cookies Using a CDN provider is another good way to solve the cookie-free domain problem. Most of the CDN has the ability to ignore cookies and strip cookies which helps to completely prevent the browsers from receiving the Cookie response header.

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