Who is Kai beckstrand dad?

Who is Kai beckstrand dad?

ANW Competitions Kai Beckstrand is a 15-year old high school sophomore from St. George, Utah. He is most notably known, along with his dad Brian Beckstrand, for being the first father and son duo to hit a qualifying buzzer.

Where is Kai beckstrand from?

St. George, Utah
It looked like Kai Beckstrand was going to fall. The 15-year-old from St. George, Utah — one of the youngest competitors on this season of “American Ninja Warrior” — had just finished the eighth obstacle in a demanding 10-obstacle course that puts balance and upper body strength to the test.

What is the fastest time on American Ninja Warrior?

21.51 seconds
In American Ninja Warrior 2, Campbell made it out of Boot Camp with a qualifying spot. In Sasuke 26, cleared the First Stage with the fastest time (21.51 seconds).

Who is Ninja’s dad?

Chuck Blevins

How many beckstrand kids are there?

five kids
Although Brian and Holly Beckstrand have five kids, for many years, if you were to stroll through their backyard in St.

Who is the youngest American Ninja Warrior?

Enzo DeFerrari Wilson
Enzo DeFerrari Wilson is American Ninja Warrior’s youngest Ninja ever – American Ninja Warrior Nation.

What is Midoriyama Ninja Warrior?

The American version of SASUKE located in Las Vegas, Nevada. It an almost exact replica of the course in Japan, consisting of four stages. It made it’s inaugural debut during American Ninja Warrior 4.

Where do the Beckstrands live?

Washington Dam Road in Washington City. Kai’s parents, Brian and Holly Beckstrand, own and operate the business, which they started three years ago. The Grip’s new 13,000 square foot facility in Green Valley is housed in the basement of same building as the Nets on Fire basketball gymnasiums at 1871 W.

Who won American Ninja Warrior junior 2019?

Kai Beckstrand
Kai Beckstrand won Season 1 of “American Ninja Warrior Junior” in 2019, and finished fourth on the show’s second season. Both of his parents have also previously competed on “American Ninja Warrior.”

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