What is so special about the lighthouse at Wilsons Prom?

What is so special about the lighthouse at Wilsons Prom?

The Wilsons Promontory Lighthouse is only a 10km walk from the most southerly point of mainland Australia. Its Southerly position can leave this unique location open to roaring Westerly winds and treacherous Bass Strait conditions.

How long does it take to walk from Tidal River to the lighthouse?

approximately 6 hours
Tidal River The walk to the lighthouse is 19.1km and takes approximately 6 hours (each-way) to complete.

How much does it cost to enter Wilsons Prom?

Wilsons Promontory National Park does not have an entrance fee, but Tidal River Campground does have site fees. The non-powered sites at Tidal River Campground are $62.30 per night during the peak season and $56.10 per night during the off-peak season. This fee is for up to eight people.

How do I get to Wilson’s Promontory?

Wilsons Promontory National Park is approximately three hours drive from Melbourne. Follow the Monash Freeway (M1) to join the South Gippsland Freeway (M420/A440) to Meeniyan. Take the Meeniyan- Promontory Road (C444) to the Wilsons Promontory Entrance. Tidal River Visitor Centre is 30km south of the park entrance.

Do I need a permit to enter Wilsons Prom?

All overnight hike camp areas in the southern Prom have self composting toilets. Toilet paper is not supplied. All hikers must check in at the Visitors centre prior to departing for safety and emergency purposes. Each individual must book and carry a permit.

Is there reception at Wilsons Prom?

Re: phone reception around Wilsons prom? On the delta outside of Corner Inlet there is excellent reception, internet too.

Is there a road to Wilsons Promontory Lighthouse?

The lighthouse and keepers’ cottages are located within the Wilsons Promontory National Park, and since demanning the cottages have become available for accommodation. However, there is no road to the lighthouse, with access to the lightstation a relatively strenuous 18 kilometre walk.

How many nights can you stay at Wilsons Promontory?

Mobile Phone coverage cannot be relied upon. Wilsons Promontory National Park will close on days of declared Code Red Fire Danger for the West & South Gippsland Total Fire Ban District. A maximum two night stay applies to Lightstation accommodation. You must check-in at the Visitor Centre at Tidal River prior to departure.

How tall is the white light at Wilsons Promontory?

The rough circular stone tower was originally painted white. In the 1980s, the paintwork was stripped off, and the tower has been completely restored to the original stone finish. The white light, 117 metres above sea level, is visible for 25 miles. continued below …

Why was Wilsons Promontory named after Thomas Wilson?

Wilsons Promontory marks the southern-most point of mainland Australia, and overlooks a relatively narrow shipping channel through Bass Strait between Tasmania and Victoria. The promontory was first sighted by Bass and Flinders in 1798, and was named by Governor Hunter in honour of Thomas Wilson, a merchant engaged in the Australian trade.

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