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What are the different gauges in model trains?

What are the different gauges in model trains?

What Is Gauge? On the real railroads as well as toy trains, Gauge refers to the distance between the outside rails of the track. Lionel offers four distinct product lines: Imagineering, G-Gauge (also known as Garden Gauge), S-Gauge and O-Gauge.

What is the difference between HO scale and O scale?

Scale implies that is it a scaled down version of the real thing. O scale used to be called 1/4 inch scale with the ratio to the real thing as 1:48 with HO being 1/8 inch scale and 1:86 or 1:87. HO is the next size and has been referred to as Half O with N scale being about half of that.

What is the best gauge for model trains?

The 16.5 mm gauge is the most popular of all track sizes. HO scale trains are a good choice for people who don’t have the room for an O scale layout, but still want tracks, accessories, and stock that’s easy to handle for someone with normal eyesight and fine motor coordination.

What train scale is 1 35?


Name Scale Gauge
2 gauge 1:29 50.4 mm or 45 mm
1 gauge 3⁄8 inch scale 1:32 45 mm
Static Model 1:35 (nominal) 41 mm
L gauge 1:38 (nominal) 38 mm

What is the difference between HO and N scale trains?

N scale is approximately half the size of HO scale. Since that size goes in all directions, an N scale layout takes up approximately 1/4 the space of a comparable HO scale layout. And if you like long trains, you can run longer trains in N scale than HO scale in the same space.

How big is a HO gauge model train?

Overshadowing the larger scales in popularity are models built to be approximately half the size of O scale models (that’s why they are called “HO” – pronounced “aitch-oh”). These trains are 1/87 the size of their real-world prototypes, and HO gauge track measures 16.5mm between the rails.

What’s the track gauge of a Lionel train?

With a track gauge of 16.5 mm and a scale of 1:87, HO is the most common model train size today. Lionel has manufactured HO trains several times in its history.

When did the N scale model train come out?

Below is a quick overview: Z scale – First released in 1972 by Marklin, though fewer options are available, their quality, accurate designs and precision mechanisms make for unique collector items. N scale – The “N” is short for nine, which refers to the 9mm gauge of the N scale rail tracks.

What does scale mean on a model railroad?

Briefly, scale is the ratio of the model to the real thing or ‘prototype’. Gauge is the distance between the rails unless you are thinking ‘Tinplate’ or ‘Scaleplate’ like Lionel®, Marx®, American Flyer® or MTH® among others.

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