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How do I get to hunakai beach?

How do I get to hunakai beach?

To access the beach, you must take the dirt path that goes out of the parking lot. The stairs were shattered after an earthquake in 1975 and were never rebuilt.

What is the nicest beach in Oahu?

13 Top-Rated Beaches on Oahu, HI

  1. Lanikai Beach. Lanikai Beach.
  2. Waikiki. Waikiki.
  3. Hanauma Bay. Hanauma Bay.
  4. Turtle Bay. Turtle Bay beach.
  5. Waimea Bay. Waimea Bay.
  6. Waimanalo Beach. Waimanalo Beach.
  7. Ko Olina. Ko Olina.
  8. Yokohama Bay. Yokohama Bay.

Is Kahala Beach private?

Why we like Kahala Beach… – Very private – there aren’t many people on this beach which means there are usually no people in the background of your photos. – Plenty of options for photography, grassy areas, sunsets, coconut trees, etc.

Can you swim at Kahala beach?

A short walk from the parking area is a quiet idyllic stretch of sand. There is significant coral which indicates shoes are indicated if you want to swim, but the beach is clean and not crowded.

Is Kahala beach good for swimming?

The narrow strip of sand makes the beach feel secluded and small, separated from the neighborhood by rock walls and bushes. It’s perfect when you just need a quick break in the sun, but not great for swimming—the best part is following the walls around the point to just below Doris Duke’s estate, Shangri La.

What to do at Hanakapiai Beach in Hawaii?

Hanakapiai Beach is also the starting point for a hike to Hanakapi’ai Falls which is a rocky two miles inland. Take a poncho…it’s worth it.

What happens to the sand at Hanakapiai in the winter?

In the winter, however, all the sand gets taken out by the ocean current only to be returned again the following spring. In the winter, the ocean crashes directly onto the boulders. Notice the sign just before descending to the beach which warns of the drownings at Hanakapiai.

Is it dangerous to swim at Hanakapiai Beach?

Notice the sign just before descending to the beach which warns of the drownings at Hanakapiai. As a general rule, the ocean is quite dangerous here with a nasty shore break and multiple cross currents and rip tides.

How big is the water at Hanakapi’ai?

The water at Hanakapi’ai is usually clear and ankle-knee deep with enough rocks visible above the surface to rock-hop across – if it looks like a muddy, raging torrent; do not try to cross!. Crossing the river in waist high water requires skill and extreme care.

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