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Which is the best Force Blader in Cabal Online?

Which is the best Force Blader in Cabal Online?

Force Blader’s BM1 – Force Enchanter in my opinion is the strongest BM1 in all CABAL Online classes. But unlike other Battle Modes, Force Enchanter requires other skills to be powerful. It is extremely important for Force Bladers to have these magic skills: Lightning Cannon increases attack. Aqua Cannon boosts HP and MP.

What do you use FA for in Cabal?

FA is used mostly as a dot skill, but is also effective for chasing, or semi-stopping chasing (If used at start of chase, you will still be chasing after it’s done). It takes the same amount of time to complete the skill from 1 range as it does from 4, so using it as a gap filler between you and a target is efficient.

How to use Lightning Blade in Cabal Online?

When you go strength build, you become tougher but you tank damage instead of evading it. Your attack will miss or get blocked but you can use Lightning Blade for accuracy which slightly reduce your damage. In duels you can use Fire Blade (you will combo anyway) making strength build efficient.

How long does sod debuff last in Cabal?

SoD is used as a ranged DPS/AoE skill, as well as the best supportive skill. It’s RCD and RR debuff make it a strong leading skill. The debuff lasts 5 seconds, which 2.3 are taken up in combo to cast the skill, leaving you with 2.7 seconds to hit other skills and gain the benefit of it’s debuffs.

What do you do with foene in Cabal?

FoEne is used for luring large groups of mobs typically in dungeons, or deleveling large groups of players in war. It lowers the base stats of characters equivalent to 12 levels worth (Unsure what it is based on per lvl). This skill is used little enough it may be optimal to swap it for a different debuff you may use more.

Which is the best Ranged skill in Cabal?

QC is a good AoE ranged skill. It’s the best DPS for ranged skill when chasing if FK is on cool down. It’s short time and higher base dmg than SoD makes it a good in-between skill like Assy. Range – 1~7, spread of 1~3 wide.

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