Are Jekyll and Hyde played by the same person in the musical?

Are Jekyll and Hyde played by the same person in the musical?

Co-produced by Jerry Frankel and Jeffrey Richards, and directed by Robin Phillips, the original cast featured Robert Cuccioli as Jekyll and Hyde, Linda Eder as Lucy Harris, and Christiane Noll as Emma Carew, with Rob Evan originally cast as Cuccioli’s alternate, performing the title roles at two performances per week ( …

What type of musical is Jekyll and Hyde?

Based on Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic thriller, Jekyll & Hyde is the gripping tale of a brilliant mind gone horrifically awry, set to a powerful pop-rock score by Frank Wildhorn with book and lyrics by Leslie Bricusse.

How long is Jekyll and Hyde musical?

2 hours and 15 minutes
Product information

Run time ‎2 hours and 15 minutes
Number of discs ‎1
Media Format ‎Multiple Formats, Anamorphic, Color, Dolby, Widescreen, NTSC
Language ‎English (Dolby Digital 5.1)
Actors ‎David Hasselhoff, Coleen Sexton, Andrea Rivette, George Merritt, Barrie Ingham

Who wrote the Jekyll and Hyde musical?

Leslie Bricusse
Jekyll & Hyde/Playwrights

Jekyll and the evil Mr. Hyde, became the subject of a new show in development in 1990 when Frank Wildhorn wrote the music and Leslie Bricusse the lyrics for a vivid stage musical based on Robert Louis Stevenson’s famous novella, The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Why does Dr Jekyll turn into Hyde?

Jekyll creates Hyde because he does not want to live without consequences , and he wants to hide his evil intentions. One of the reasons I personally believe Jekyll creates Hyde is to not face the consequences of murdering someone.

What is the summary of Jekyll and Hyde?

Plot summary. Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde is about the complexities of science and the duplicity of human nature. Dr Jekyll is a well-respected and intelligent scientist who meddles with the darker side of science.

What is the setting of Jekyll and Hyde?

The novel is set in London but draws heavily on Stevenson ’s knowledge of his hometown Edinburgh to create a chilling setting which emphasises the themes of good and evil. Setting is most important as a symbol for the characters of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Jekyll owns a fancy town house with a tumble down lab on the back.

Who is Jekyll and Hyde?

The term Jekyll and Hyde is from the famous Robert Louis Stevenson novel ” The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde,” in which nice scientist Dr. Jekyll becomes evil Mr. Hyde. In the finance world, Jekyll and Hyde behavior can also include companies whose financial statements seem strong…

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