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Where is Jaanuu scrubs located?

Where is Jaanuu scrubs located?

San Diego
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Type Private
Founded 2013
HQ San Diego, CA, US Map
Overall Culture F More

Is Jaanuu good quality?

A Jaanuu scrubs review from says, “They fit amazing, and for once I don’t have to cut off the length or feel as if they are too short. I LOVE that both the pants AND tops have pockets big enough to fit all my nursing supplies! The fabric is soft, stretchy and so comfortable!

Is Jaanuu or figs better?

Jaanuu vs FIGS Scrubs With FIGS vs Jaanuu, it’s a tough competition. On one side, FIGS are one of the best scrubs on the market right now. However, they’re very expensive, even when compared to Jaanuu. So, we’d leave it up to you; FIGS are better, but more expensive.

Does jaanu have sales?

Jaanuu occasionally has site-wide sales where you can buy scrubs at discounted prices up to 20%. Jaanuu sometimes gives you a freebie like their Sunshine Tee when you spend $75. You’ll receive free shipping when you spend $50.

Do Jaanuu scrubs run small?

Jaanuu scrubs fit true to size with just enough wiggle room to respond to emergencies comfortably.

Are Jaanuu masks safe?

The Fabric These face masks are not intended to provide antiviral protection. The Jaanuu face masks have not been approved by the US FDA. The inside is lined with a cotton fabric, which is nice and soft on the skin.

Does Jaanuu run big or small?

What scrubs are most like figs?


  • Purple Label by Healing Hands Refine by Collection: Purple Label by Healing Hands.
  • RothWear by Med Couture Refine by Collection: RothWear by Med Couture.
  • Touch by Med Couture Refine by Collection: Touch by Med Couture.

Why are FIGS so expensive?

Figs are so expensive because they have a very short shelf life (3 days), during which they have to be sold, or dried and packed. They go off very quickly and producers risk losing entire crops this way. Another reason is that figs have to be picked off the trees, and this produces a a milky sap that burns the skin.

Why do people like FIGS scrubs so much?

Comfort: People who wear FIGS scrubs seem to score high when it comes to comfort. Many reviews exclaim “They are so comfortable” or “The most comfortable scrubs” while speaking of a fit that is flattering yet loose.

Does Jaanuu run small?

Are Jaanuu masks good?

“They’re a well-respected brand within the medical community.” Lowenberg likes that the Jaanuu mask is made from the same durable material as medical scrubs. “It is comfortable, breathable, and lined in a mesh that is soft on the skin,” he says.

Where is the corporate headquarters of Jaanuu Corporation?

Jaanuu is headquartered in San Diego, CA and has 1 office location across 1 country.

Where can I buy Jaanuu Scrubs on line?

You can buy Jaanuu scrubs directly from their website at You can also do a Jaanuu scrubs Amazon order or a Jaanuu scrubs eBay order. This Jaanuu scrubs review found their apparel and accessories on a few other websites as well but would recommend using their official site to be able to apply the promo code.

What are the core values of Jaanuu company?

Jaanuu’s core values are our north star — the tenets we observe to build community, guide our decisions, and drive the direction of our business. As we grow, these values will remain the center of gravity for our vision and brand integrity.

What are the reviews of the Jaanuu mask?

On Jaanuu’s website, their masks are consistently rated at 5 stars and are loved by customers according to over 17,000 reviews. Reviews for other items like shirts are loved for their soft fabric and deep pockets.

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