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What is an army 15A?

What is an army 15A?

Aviation Officer (MOS 15A, 15B, 15C) Description / Major Duties: An Officer within the Aviation Branch is first an expert aviator, but is also responsible for the coordination of Aviation operations from maintenance to control tower operations to tactical field missions.

What is the best military branch to become a pilot?

Air Force. Of course, the Air Force is the first on most people’s minds when they think about piloting in the military. After all, the Air Force operated more than 5,000 crewed aircraft in 2020.

Why is MOS 15B important to the Army?

The U.S. Army depends heavily on airplanes and helicopters (perhaps more so than ever) which makes MOS 15B Repairer an important military specialty. Aircraft Powerplant Repairers ensure that all working components are safe and ready for flight.

What are the specialties of the 15 series MOS?

Army MOS 15K Supervisors provide assistance to the aviation unit (AVUM) intermediate (AVIM), and depot maintenance. These departments deal with aircraft components, aviation communications, and other maintenance issues. In general, Aircraft Components Repair Supervisors have experience with several other military specialties under 15 Series MOS.

What are the duties of a MOS 153d?

153D MOS. Performs duties described in preceding skill levels; performs duties as an aircraft armament maintenance officer on MH-60 aircraft; perform duties as an Instructor Pilot (IP), Aviation Safety Officer (ASO), MTP or tactical operations officer in Special Operations Aviation.

What can a MOS 15E repairer do for You?

Therefore, MOS 15E Repairers provide maintenance and repairs of working components. Army MOS 15E mechanics repair the avionics, electrical, fuel systems, and propulsion of a UAV. All in all, Unmanned Aircraft Systems Repairers (MOS 15E) allow UAVs to fly and transmit reliable information.

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