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How much does a mini shell weigh?

How much does a mini shell weigh?

Weight of a mini – roughly 650-700kg. Theres not a lot else to take it upto the 650-700kg that a mini weighs!!

How heavy is a classic Mini body shell?

Classic Mini Body Dimensions

Saloon Van/Estate/Pickup Moke
Bodyshell Data
Weight 310 lb bare, 435 lb with subframes 420 lb (except Pickup)
Torsional rigidity 8,450 lbft/degree 6,874 lbft/degree

What is a mini minus?

Minus is a GRP version of a mini shell, but with reduced height.

How much does a classic Mini body weight?

Length 3,054 mm (120.2 in) (saloon) 3,299 mm (129.9 in) (estate and commercials) 3,300 mm (130 in) (Wolseley Hornet/Riley Elf)
Width 1,397 mm (55.0 in) (1,270 mm (50 in) excluding mirrors)
Height 1,346 mm (53.0 in)
Kerb weight 580–686 kg (1,279–1,512 lb)

How long is a Mini in feet?

Classic Mini Body Dimensions

Saloon Moke
General Data
Length 10ft 1/4in (3.05m) 10ft 4 5/8in (3.16m) Clubman 10ft 0in (3.04m)
Width 4ft 7 1/2in (1.41m) 4ft 3 1/2in (1.36m)
Height 4ft 5in (1.35m) 4ft 8in (1.42m)

What is a heritage body shell?

Bodyshells are manufactured by using original factory press tooling and assembly jigs. They represent the most economical and accurate method of restoring a car. All bodyshells are spray primed.

How long is the classic Mini?

Wheelbase 2,036 mm (80.2 in) (saloon) 2,138 mm (84.2 in) (estate and commercials)
Length 3,054 mm (120.2 in) (saloon) 3,299 mm (129.9 in) (estate and commercials) 3,300 mm (130 in) (Wolseley Hornet/Riley Elf)
Width 1,397 mm (55.0 in) (1,270 mm (50 in) excluding mirrors)

How many feet is a classic Mini?

What is the smallest MINI model?

3-Door Hatchback
3-Door Hatchback The smallest of the MINIs and as close you’ll get to the original MINI experience, fling it round corners like a go kart, a great around town option and perfect if you mainly travel alone or with a single passenger. Key Standard Features: Front & Rear LED Lights. Front & Rear Electric Windows.

Where does Mini sport get its body shells from?

All Mini Sport Body Shells have been sourced from the British Motor Heritage and are supplied as complete replacement body shells with bonnet, boots and doors finished in primer.

Where can I buy mini Sport body panels?

Browse the dedicated Mini Body & Panels department at Mini Sport for a broad selection of parts and components, designed and developed to enhance and support your Classic Mini’s structure and style. As part of this comprehensive department you can find everything from Badges, Decals & Plates to Genuine Classic Mini Body Shell ’s.

What does a full body shell look like?

A: Body shells are complete stampings that replicate the original body of your vehicle. Faithful to the original lines and dimensions of your vehicle’s original body, full body shells are a great way to make your car new again.

Where to get the best car body shells?

Andy’s Auto Sport is the ultimate shopping destination for your body shell needs! All available coupons will be applied automatically in your shopping cart! At Andy’s Auto Sport, we have a huge variety of body shells to ensure that you have every body shell option available to you.

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