Did Hikaru no Go get Cancelled?

Did Hikaru no Go get Cancelled?

Hikaru no Go didn’t end at the end. It ended in the middle. I wouldn’t have minded an ending like that, if it had been at a proper place. It is a good way to end a story.

Why did Sai disappear Hikaru no go?

Sai is dead and he died because there could only be one great player at his time. He was damned from playing the divine move from the start of the series, hence it could only be once Hikaru was strong enough to realise his full potential that he could hopefully go on to play it.

Why is it called Hikaru no go?

“Hikaru no Go” just means “Hikaru’s Go”. Hikaru first arrived on the scene in December 1998. He made his first appearance in the weekly Jump comic for Japanese children. Soon he had his first book.

Does Hikaru no Go have an anime?

Anime. Hikaru no Go was adapted into an anime television series by Studio Pierrot. It was broadcast on TV Tokyo from October 10, 2001 to March 26, 2003 for 75 episodes.

Does Hikaru see Sai again?

At some point, you have to grow up and become an adult. So, the fact that Sai disappeared is a symbolic way of saying that Hikaru is (on his way to) becoming an adult. Hikaru “finds” Sai later when playing go.

Does Hikaru ever tell Akira about Sai?

During a lunch break for a match with Akira, Akira tells him that there was another person in Hikaru, the one he felt when playing him the first time they met. Hikaru felt pleased that someone ‘recognizes’ Sai, not as ‘him’ but as Sai. Before leaving, Hikaru tells Akira that some day he might tell him the whole story.

Does Hikaru meet Sai again?

While playing, Hikaru regains his passion after realizing Sai exists in his ‘Go’ after he made a move that Sai would have played. Shortly afterward Hikaru rushes to Go Association and meets Akira, who he tells that he will catch up to him.

How old is Hikaru at the end of Hikaru no go?


Hikaru Shindo
Birthday September 20
Age 11 (debut), 15 (end)
Blood Group 0
Sign Virgo ♍

What is the divine move in Hikaru no go?

The Hand of God (神の一手, Kami no Itte), also known as the Divine Move, refers to the perfect game of Go. It is Fujiwara-no-Sai’s goal to attain the Hand of God, and he credits his desire for it as why his spirit remains on earth. Koyo Toya, Akira Toya, and Hikaru Shindou also aim for the Hand of God.

Is Hikaru no Go popular?

The Shonen Jump classic, Hikaru no Go, singlehandedly brought the ancient game of Go back from the brink, both in Japan and worldwide. Though its heyday has passed, Hikaru no Go was a fairly popular anime and manga series in its time.

Is Sai a boy or girl Hikaru no go?

Fujiwara no Sai
Gender Male
Age 1000+ (deceased)
Occupation Go Player

Why did Sai leave?

According to the plot of the serie, Sai realized his role was not to achieve the Divine move (also called “hand of god”) but that he was just there to transmit all his knowledge of the game to Hikaru. Having no more regrets, he can leave the world.

Is there a wiki for Hikaru no go?

Welcome to the Hikaru no Go Wiki, a wiki dedicated to everything about manga and anime, Hikaru no Go, that anyone can edit. Please help us by creating or editing any of our articles!

Who is Chu ying in Hikaru no go?

On a hunt for treasure and extra cash, sixth year primary school student Shi Guang discovered an old Go board in his grandfather’s house. Upon touching the Go board, he was possessed by the spirit of a Go master from the Southern Dynasty, during the reign of Emperor Song, named Chu Ying, that resides within.

When did Hikaru no go journey to the North Star Cup Air?

A New Year’s Special titled Hikaru no Go: Journey to the North Star Cup (ヒカルの碁 スペシャル 北斗杯への道, Hikaru no Go Hokuto-hai e no Michi) aired on January 3, 2004. Viz Media acquired the North American English-language rights to the Hikaru no Go anime at the same time as the manga, in June 2003. The Ocean Group produced an English voice dub for the series.

Why is Sai the only person who can see Hikaru?

Sai’s greatest desire is to attain the Kami no Itte (神の一手, “Divine Move”) – a perfect move. Because Hikaru is apparently the only person who can perceive him, Sai inhabits a part of Hikaru’s mind as a separate personality, coexisting, although not always comfortably, with the young boy.

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