Are Tirunesh and Genzebe Dibaba related?

Are Tirunesh and Genzebe Dibaba related?

Tirunesh Dibaba, Ethiopian long-distance runner who has achieved multiple Olympic and World Championships gold medals and world records. She is the middle sister of Ejegayehu and Genzebe Dibaba.

What is the history of Tirunesh Dibaba?

Tirunesh Dibaba, (born June 1, 1985, near Bekoji, Arsi province, Ethiopia), Ethiopian distance runner who at the 2008 Beijing Olympics became the first woman to win gold in both the 5,000-metre and 10,000-metre races.

Where was Tirunesh Dibaba born?

Bekoji, Ethiopia
Tirunesh Dibaba/Place of birth

Tirunesh Dibaba was born the city of Bekoji, nestled in the high plains of Ethiopia at an altitude of 2,800m, and home to a number of long-distance champions, including Derartu Tulu and Kenenisa Bekele, who between them won five Olympic titles.

Is Genzebe Dibaba married?

Addis Ababa, EthiopiaEthiopia’s Olympic 5000m/10000m champion Tirunesh Dibaba and two-time Olympic 10000m silver medallist Sileshi Sihine tied the knot in a spectacular two-week long wedding ceremony in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Who is fastest family in the world?

The Dibaba sisters
The fastest family in the world. The Dibaba sisters Tirunesh, Genzebe, Anna, and Melat are from Ethiopia, they are the only siblings in recorded history to hold concurrent world records, and have 4 Olympic gold medals, 2 silver, 3 bronze and 15 world championships.

How tall is Dibaba?

5′ 6″
Genzebe Dibaba/Height

How old is Dibaba?

30 years (February 8, 1991)
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How old is Genzebe Dibaba?

What made Derartu Tulu unique in the Olympic Games?

Derartu is the first Ethiopian woman and the first black African woman to win an Olympic gold medal, which she won in the 10,000 m event at the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games. The race, where she and Elana Meyer (South Africa) raced for lap after lap way ahead of the rest of the field, launched her career.

Who is the husband of Tirunesh Dibaba?

When Tirunesh’s husband, fellow track-and-field Olympic medalist Sileshi Sihine, appears, cool and handsome in tailored jeans and a shawl collar cardigan, another frisson of excitement ripples through the room.

What kind of music does Tirunesh Dibaba listen to?

Restaurant patrons lock their eyes on us as Sihine slips onto the low wooden stool next to his wife, squeezing her knee in greeting. As the string notes of the krar fill the room and dancers take the stage to perform an Ethiopian eskista dance—a shoulder-snapping feat of timing and rhythm—I ask Tirunesh what music she likes to listen to.

Where do the dibabas live in Addis Ababa?

Like many of the nation’s successful track stars, the Dibabas and their in-laws have invested their fortunes back into their city; they are burgeoning real estate tycoons, owning multiple buildings in the capital—including the five-star Tirunesh Hotel, slated to open this fall on Bole Road, the Fifth Avenue of Addis.

Where do the Dibaba sisters go to eat?

Their arrival at their favorite restaurant, Yod Abyssinia, is greeted with hushed whispers (“Dee-ba-ba, Dee-ba-ba”) and reverential stares. The sisters duck under the restaurant’s theatrical thatched straw canopies and take a table against the wall, smiling patiently as a young man approaches and asks for a photo.

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