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How much is a survival pod?

How much is a survival pod?

The RescuePod Tsunami Survival Shelter turn key solution is available for $7,900 and includes: Impact-resistant, 100% buoyant tsunami survival capsule made from space-age High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) 2 racing seats with 5 point harnesses.

What is a tsunami escape pod?

The Survival Capsule is a patent-pending, personal safety system (PSS) designed as a spherical ball to protect against tsunami events, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, and storm surges.

How does a tsunami evacuation pod work?

The neon-orange sphere is meant to protect its occupants from drowning or being crushed by debris as towering surges batter the coast. It’s made of aircraft-grade aluminum, with a watertight marine door. Tiny porthole windows are equipped with bulletproof glass.

Who invented the tsunami pod?

Julian Sharpe
Engineers Julian Sharpe and Scott Hill came up with the idea for the Survival Capsule after the 2004 Indonesian Tsunami, which took the lives of approximately 225,000 people. The capsules come in five different sizes.

How much is a tsunami survival pod?

Designed to aerospace standards and built from aircraft-grade aluminum, it’s made to withstand tsunamis, earthquakes, tornadoes and hurricanes. In short, it promises the ultimate in disaster insurance, starting at a cool $15,000.

What to do if you see a tsunami coming?


  1. First, protect yourself from an Earthquake.
  2. Get to high ground as far inland as possible.
  3. Be alert to signs of a tsunami, such as a sudden rise or draining of ocean waters.
  4. Listen to emergency information and alerts.
  5. Evacuate: DO NOT wait!
  6. If you are in a boat, go out to sea.

How much does a tsunami survival pod cost?

Is it safe to be underground during a tsunami?

Science answers: This is technically possible but probably not a good idea. It would be psychologically difficult to persuade people to go underground to avoid a tsunami. And, as in this case, coastal areas hit by a tsunami can remain flooded for several days, a situation aggravated in some areas by ground subsidence.

How much does a tsunami ball cost?

Check our Privacy Policy. Of course, it comes with a hefty price tag – $8500 – but if you live in a part of the world where tsunamis are likely then the life-saving potential is priceless. Via

How much water is in a rescue pod?

You’ll love the peace of mind and protection the RescuePod provides! Emergency rations sufficient for 2 people for 3 days, including 12-1200 calorie MREs, 4 gallon water container, and 6 waste bags Your RescuePod shipped worldwide or if you live on the Washington or Oregon Coast, contact us to see a live RescuePod demonstration near you.

Is the Havana tsunami survival pod made of steel?

Enter the Tsunami Survival Pod. The pod is made of spiral-welded steel, but like a car, it hasstrategically designed crumple zonesto absorb impacts and protect the passengers.

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